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YouTube Setting.

YouTube Setting.

In this article, we will learn the YouTube setting and in the setting, we focus on Info & setting.


We knew the number of different ways to upload videos on YouTube, I want to look making adjustment to those videos, once already on the site, at the time I am at YouTube Homepage, and I am logged in, it is important that I am logged in, to make any changes in my videos, so, if you are not logged in, then you should log in.

1 YouTube Setting

Navigate to your videos, first click on my username, this is my channel, and click on the specific video, that I want to edit, then click on the edit button.

2 YouTube Setting

3 YouTube Setting

4 YouTube Setting

Here you see what specific page look like is when you click on edit video, and particular you see the whole bar, down below the video, we will look each of these, but right now, just the first one.

YouTube Setting.

Info & YouTube Setting.

  1. My Channel (click on the User icon on the left side of the screen).
  2. Click on your video which you have uploaded on YouTube (See in above images).
  3. Edit Video (See in above images).
  4. Click on Editor see in below image.(See in above images)
  5. When You click on Add blue all options will be opened.
  6. editor 2
  7. See All options.
  8. all options

Info & Setting.

5 YouTube Setting

Which is info & setting, once you click on that the bunch of statistics you will get related about your video, choice of the thumbnail and also basic info or metadata we added when we first uploaded the video all of this looks good to me, so no changes here?

6 YouTube Setting

I am clicking in advanced settings, and as you can see, I have a few different settings here  I can allow or disallow, comments, allow to users to vote on those comments, allow and disallow users to view ratings,  and also allow video responses in case of video and comments responses I can make there setting as I want. Which set I have told you it depends on you. Which option you choose.

7 YouTube Setting

The rest of advance settings has information about licensing, captions, you can allow or disallow embedding and also decide to notify your subscribers when the video is uploaded you can add location and record date and if you are working with 3D some additional preferences click on blue button save changes. Now I am returning to my video.   Now, this looks a little different because I am logged in.


8 YouTube Setting

Navigate to your videos, first click on my username, this is my channel, and click on the specific video, that I want to edit, then click on the edit button.

Enhancement relatively new feature on YouTube I want to show how they work but also want to know, these things also can be done, in the editing program and might be better in the editing program.

But let’s take look but I am here I have uploaded a video for example: and I am signed in so I have my bar here with all of my different settings, I go to the second one, the magic wand called is enhancement here you can see enchantment interface.

I have the number of controls here, I can use the auto fix, automatically change the colour and contrast I can also go for lighting in colour, and manually fix these things, so for instances increase contrast, saturation, like other tools are available at on your editor.

Filters in Enhancements.

You can apply any filter effect on the video.

9 YouTube Setting

Blurring effects in Enhancement.

You can give a blur effect on the video.

10 YouTube Setting


Now we have looked at enhancement now it turns for audio.

Audio is on another hand can be extremely convenient especially in a situation like this, notice in the current video, flex audio on a lot of places, but in some places, for a situation like this, swamping the audio is very useful on the left side we have the whole list of suggested we can use according to our need.

11 YouTube Setting

End Screen and Annotations.

Add end screens to videos. You can develop viewership with powerful end screens on your videos, which are shown on mobile and desktop devices. Use end screens at the end of a video to Point viewers to other videos, playlists, or channels on YouTube.

12 YouTube Setting


13 YouTube Setting


14 YouTube Setting

YouTube cards are communicating “panels” that slide in and out when a video is playing, inspiring further interaction by the viewer. You can enhance up to 5 cards, which include images, text, or clickable links.

Channel Cards: Linkage to a YouTube channel.


15 YouTube Setting

You may notice the most YouTube videos, have small buttons, cc that closed caption (or captioning) the closed caption is the subtitle that appears to the bottom of the screen so that people that harder hearing.

16 YouTube Setting

YouTube Introduction.

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