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YouTube Introduction.

YouTube Introduction.

Let’s get started with YouTube Introduction and put YouTube in context with the big picture.

YouTube, it the Part of a new generation of web platforms: as we go deeper into defining it, it is helpful to keep in mind that a lot of ways, YouTube is just YouTube because it defines since own category, before YouTube.

An online video platform, it facilitates posting videos, to the Internet and sharing it with the people, to be clear, it is very possible, post videos on the internet without the platform. But using the platform.

Like YouTube means that more people will be able to see, the videos, with less hassle because YouTube does a lot of the up fun testing to make available to the most users.

YouTube Introduction

YouTube is an online community (it is the place where people gather to watch the videos share videos and do comments on them.) Again, this is part of new generations of the web application.

That includes the comment of social networks.

It is also Extensible because it plays with others so, you can use YouTube as a video platform but still distribute the videos on (WordPress blog, Facebook, Twitter, and More).

Because the extensible of the platform means that videos be embedded in various ways.

YouTube is User Generated content which means Created every day by the users.

YouTube is new every day because its users are creating it. So, an idea of why it is a possible context.  What YouTube is and how it works with our current technologies.

YouTube Introduction.

 How YouTube Began?

What is its history and why should we care we will learn all in this YouTube Introduction article. 

Well, its short history and will help us to understand YouTube. If we want to know where it came from and how it evolved before let’s understand the technologies better will be more prepared. It’s continuously evolved future.

Three people created YouTube in 2005 (who were employees of PayPal) the ideas was the easy way for people share videos on the web this was tremendously was popular and millions of people watching videos on YouTube much faster than founder even expected.

In 2006 Google acquired the company and since then YouTube is run the subsidiary property of Google. This is important for end-users.

Because you find the integrations with google sign in and Google’s other online products is very tide. Because they also own YouTube.

Soon after that Google purchase, we began to see advertising on YouTube and today advertising is very integrated with ads that popups on the web interface as well as video ads can run before your videos.

The technology of YouTube consistently evolving and I mean that several ways, the platform for YouTube. A long time was flash but in past two to three years YouTube became for Mobile devices and more forwarding thinking that happening on the internet.

Similarly, but YouTube first started it has a lower resolution. Then even standard-definition television today it handles high definition and also goes to 4k which is more than you would find on your television.

So, as we use YouTube we expect to keep evolving as technology changes the technology became what I call the factor standard today we want to talk about YouTube. It is the robust platform that almost everyone uses.

YouTube Introduction: Past, Present, and Future.

  • Created in 2005.
  • Remarkable early growth.
  • Acquired by Google in 2006.
  • Integration of advertising.
  • Evolution of technology.

By 03 people who were that time employed in PayPal.

Know YouTube Ethics in YouTube Introduction.

What you allow to post on YouTube. Can you post anything at all? What content on YouTube limit. How YouTube has a policing system.

These are very good questions and they point and directions of a lot of issues on today internet. That can be rather complicated ethically.

I am not a lawyer. But I do want to go briefly through some ideas and guides lines. So, what can you post on YouTube? What’re limits are and also How YouTube works to policing the contents.

There is the first important rule. I think to apply to YouTube. YouTube as well as the internet in general.

Assume that the entire world will see whatever you are posting. Now YouTube certainly allow you control in a certain way is a limit but for the starter just assume that everyone going to see your content.

Just the matter of common sense.  The first is do not share something you know to the inappropriate if you would not your mom to see it.  You would not want your kids to see it. Think twice before when you are putting something on YouTube.

Only post your creations. 2nd  do not share anything you do not create yourself.

If you don’t have permission, don’t post: there may some exceptions to this rule. But you must know so, if you have created the video yourself then you are not getting any copyright issue or ownership issue with the original creator so these are good rules. But not everyone follows them, and they’re always going be edges to the rule and grey areas.

There is a ton of information on YouTube: so another place to look on YouTube itself so, If you prove the guidelines you can often answer any question you have if you have a question about of appropriateness of what is posting.

Finally: YouTube has a system for dealing with violations, and it partly depends on users: YouTube does have the built-in system for dealing with various types of violations that would be inappropriate content or also that content has an ownership or copyright issue if you put something on does not belong to you.

YouTube may very well. Flag this content or take it down, or may or may not, notify you.

They use the number of tools to do this. Some are automated and they can search for things. Like copyright music, and some has with the community itself. When you are on YouTube you see huge options to flag contents for being inappropriate so between two systems. Human and automated. YouTube does a lot.

Policing own content. If you use good common sense. What you post, you have unlikely had a problem. If you push those limits then you can expect. YouTube eventually to find what’s are you and doing in most likely shut it down.

Understand YouTube Help in YouTube Introduction lesson.

We all need a little help sometimes, whether you really knew the internet or trying to explore some advanced functionality in YouTube I want to take close look at the helper functions that are available on YouTube.

The hopefully as we go through this course I hit most of the things that you will be wondering about.

But it is really too good to know that if you question often can be answered right on the YouTube site. As you can see. I am on YouTube Home Page. But I am not logged in.

home page of youtube

If you logged in the thinks may look different and in fact, things may look litter different to you just because YouTube is constantly changing and evolving.

At the left-hand sidebar click on the help.

YouTube Help

As you see handy popup windows (in below image). This gives me a lot of choices here.

hand popup

Suppose you click on clear your watch history help. It brings up the dedicated help page. But everything we see there is also available through this hand popup.

Browse All Articles.

Browser all article

This is called help home on YouTube and I want to drill down. Actually, some help contents. you can choose any options and go that particular option help.

more help

Here from the above image you can go to each top and get its help.

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