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Working with Camtasia Media.

In this lesson, we will show you how to work with Camtasia Media. You can import three types of media directly Camtasia studio. You can use them inside your project.

Camtasia Media

Importing Camtasia Media.

There many times you want to incorporate your own media files. Their images, audio, your video in Camtasia project.

To begin to make sure that you clip bin selected and go up the top and click on import media.

 Working with Camtasia media and Effects

  1. You open any image files. ( you can import BMP, gif, jpeg, png files extensions)


Import an audio file.

Import a audio file.

Select the audio file.

Now you would see that audio file has been imported. (you can import wave, mp3 and WMA files).

Next video file (you must have quick time).

3 Import a audio file. 2

Select the video file.

You would see the video has been imported in the clip bin. ( you can also import Avi, mp4, mpg, Mpeg, WMV, MOV, and sws ) now two things to know first of all about the movie files and quick times files.

Camtasia studio only supports quick times files that have two tracks 1 video track and 2 audio track so we have a quick time file now they have multiple tracks you many need to make sure that you export that file that only has two tracks.

Secondly comes to swift files, flash files, only swifts files have been created from being of previous versions of Camtasia studio that can be imported directly into Camtasia studio so create a project inside the flash and you want to export out in swift that import back in Camtasia.

You may run difficulties now work for you. We can preview any file by simply double-clicking on from the clip bin.

We can double click on an image. Add this logo directly to our timeline so we can act as a watermark in the entire movie to do this.

Drag the image to the timeline and position it where you want to see in your movie.

Keep its width according to a movie than potion the logo, where we want to appear.

Now the logo will appear through your movie.

Backing Up Media & Restoring Project Files.

In the last lesson, we imported a variety of different media files directly into our Camtasia project file.

As you continue working with your project you can be adding a lot of media, affects, and edit your project and will be a good idea that knows how to back of your entire project including all the media through edit than re-import the project back in Camtasia studio.

In case anything happens to your project so, in this lesson, I want to step through before we further anything working with media to begin all we need to do makes sure that your Camtasia project open.


Export project as zip.

 Export as zip in Camtasia media

Now for checking import zip project.


New project.

Import zipped project.

5 Import zipped project

Now you would see that zipped project has been imported.

6 export projects as zip

7 export as zi

8 import zipped project

9 import zipped projects file

Using the Clip Bin in Camtasia Media.

We have already seen how to import media directly our clip bin and that media down into timeline in this movie we will see some other options that you have working with media and clip bin.

So that you can be a little bit familiar that how you work with those files and the first thing to look at if you move the mouse inside the clip bin area and simply right-click you can see the following images.

 Using the Clip Bin in Camtasia media

11 Using the Clip Bin

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