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Choosing Software & Workflow YouTube.

In this lesson, we will learn the workflow YouTube. Thereof a lot of different ways, to prepare videos for YouTube from high applications design to preserve all of the quality to the quick method. Such as upload direct from a mobile device or, webcam, or other video screencast software, we are going to look a number of workflows that are common, but we can hit all of them, so I did want to talk generally, about the different level of tools that you may use, to upload your videos.


  1. First and most common we learn Choosing Software & Workflow YouTube,  no nonlinear. Such as final cup pro and premiere pro, most of these programs can exports from YouTube directly after the timeline. Usually, have some handy shortcuts, that is setting already premade for YouTube.
  2. Second, we have dedicated compression programs such as compressor and Adobe media encoder, these generally shift with the nonlinear editor. But the stand-alone programs that allow you more, control of your compressions.
  3. There also non-consumer editors, such as I movie, windows media maker, and again you likely to find the convenient shortcut, to make your YouTube export, next to our videos, utility such as quick time, that often offer you again but not, robust options.

1 workflow YouTube

Finally, YouTube can take an upload directly from the mobile device or directly from webcam this is obviously convenient which can lose a lot of control over the pp productions and compressions of your video. There are a lot of choices there, but likely it is not complicated, here I recommended study my two courses.

  1. Screencast Fundamentals.
  2. Camtasia Studio Essential Training.

I have made these above tutorials in detail, just remember, YouTube is a constantly is changing so there is likely to be more workflows in the future.

Webcam (The webcam capture feature is not available on YouTube.)


2 workflow YouTube

one exciting thing you can do with YouTube, is upload videos, direct your mobile device, let me show how it works, I am using an iPhone, and I navigate to Photo app.

Further go to video, which I have previously taken, if you are using the Android process will be very similar.

3 workflow YouTube

Just make sure you start by going to photo app, and that you have a video, that you have already have taken, to share that video on YouTube, I just need to tap on the screen, and there I will get an option for share.

4 workflow YouTube

Once I tap share, there are various choices, including YouTube, as you can see, the first time you open this app, you need a login, with your email and password, and now I have the page of the camera app, that is very similar as I entered information in the YouTube site itself, fill the information accordingly and click on publish button. It is very simple.

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