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Introduction to WordPress

Introduction to WordPress.

It is simple web application. You downloaded WordPress and  install on the server, connect to the database and start publishing contents on the web.

It has grown into a full flagged Content Management System or CMS that powers millions of websites overall the world from traditional blogs, newspapers, news magazines, TV Stations, nations, and social media sites. its powers everything, to put it simple, it is a publishing tool for the web.


Once installed and configured. You can build very much any type of site you want on it, and it is  used for creating Blog, a portfolio, magazine, E-commerce store front, community site, business site, forum, social network possibilities are virtually endless.

WordPress is the tool you use the publish content on the web and that tool you visitors use to access that content, much like the word processing application that Microsoft Word lets create and access documents.

contents on the web

WordPress lets you create and access database entries.  This also means if you remove it but contents still exists and assured your site and contents is not WordPress.

WordPress is whatever you want it to be! and I think it is good place to start. It is a simple and easy to use publishing platform for the web and you can use it to create anything from basic blog to advanced website and you can even make website that can switch between blog and website at the touch of button. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

It is free, open source application build and maintain by the people who use it. and can be downloaded free, use it freely, publish whatsoever you want it free, even contribute it free, and redistribute for freely. All of made possible by the GPL.

The General Public License.

The General Public License, which allows WordPress to be downloaded, used, modified,and redistributed freely, as you long use it. When you use it, you become the part of community.

wordpress community

When you start WordPress, you become the part of Community. Who just made by the people like you and me. By using it, you are contributing to the community and if and when you are ready to contributing community and other ways.

Every year they are thousands of WordPress events happening all over the world in form of meetups, word camps  in community events. Every day, people like and me, write blog posts submits design and codes, teach to others publish their thoughts ideas and creations online and every minute new information is shared through it and make available to world through the web.

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