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WordPress Username

WordPress Username.

While round about the topic of WordPress username, let me show you really trick how to dramatically to improve WordPress security of any WordPress site that you work with.


All WordPress sites have at least one administrator account, and that is account use change the configuration settings on the site, change settings on the site, and have access to absolutely all the content, on the site.

That means anyone who, one gets to access, to your site, for malicious purposes, and try to log in, using one of the administrators, accounts, as a result.

It is important, that you have the good username, and really strong password, especially on your administrator account.

So, that is hard for the computers and real people to get in.

You are already known that your setup your WordPress site the accounts, that you set up for the WordPress site is an administrator account, and any time you log in.

Through the administrator account, you have the complete control of everything, that is happening on the site.

That means that also you have not a secure network, and you are logging in to, site, so someone can potentially snoop into the traffic, between your computer, and network in the server, and pick up the username and password.

You are using, this is not very likely in the unlikely event that happens if you are using the administrator account, that you have admin access of your site.

So, here is the small trick that you can avoid ever, happen again when you set up of your site have an administrator account, and that administrator account be there, so because you are the administrator of the site.

However, you should set up, the separate account for yourself that just the editor level, and that account you should use the publish any content on the web, that way when you log in, with your regular account.

Which is set to editor role, then you can create content and edit content and publish content, but you cannot an administrator, to your site, your account change the theme, edit the theme do anything else, major on the site.

The administrator account as you see here is only when you want to actually administrator of the site.

Secure WordPress Username and Passwords.

When you use to create the name for your administrator account, or any account for the matter for your site, it is important to avoid the following username and there are historical reasons for this.

Usernames to Avoid.

  • Admin.

Admin: this is because historically WordPress shifts,  with the default admin account, with the username admin.

As a result of every single computer on the web that tries hack WordPress site, with start out using the name admin, and that brute force attack on the password.

Basically just randomly choosing the password,  and sees if that get in this means if you do not use the admin as an account name, you have already more secure site. 

  • Administrator.

The most username to avoid.

You should also avoid Administrator, User, Test, Sitename.

  • User.
  • Test.
  • [site name].

You notice all of these names, something has common.

Longer Passwords are Great.

Longer Passwords are Better.

Secure Password Generator.

Administrator: – do not use admin, administrator, user, test, or site name.

You can use your own name, email address, anything except above five names.

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