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WordPress Update

WordPress Update.

WordPress Update, As of the version, 4.9.8 WordPress shifts automatically, maintenance security update, that means if you have a live WordPress site on the web, and new maintenance and security update has come then your WordPress should automatically update to this, new versions.


This is the part of making WordPress, more secure and also the reduces the amount of time, need to spend maintaining your WordPress site, this automatic update, only applies to maintenance and security new releases, meaning the releases have numbers like 4.9.7 or 4.9.8 for full versions releases.

Manual update, simply because new full releases, have large-scale changes, to the functionality or to the core code and you need to do, no one is going to before, you make these updates.

That said any time new version of WordPress, comes out, it is always to have a good idea, to update right away, that goes both WordPress core, and also for the all plugins, and all themes you have you have installed.

Let me show you how old, fix together like I said that most of the time these automatic updates, should happen, automatic on your site but in some cases, for many different reasons, it might not happen, so good rule of thumb.

When you run your WordPress site, it always makes sure, you up to date it is really easy to do, so, if you logged in to your WordPress, site like I am logged in.

1 update

Now the first thing you notice up here on the toolbar, there is recycle like the icon, and it has the number to next to it, that helps me to create something, the site is not up to date, in the case of plugins, and I need to update that.

so any time you see the icon, you should always go with, update whatever needs we have updated if I go to the back end of my site now, you note that in addition, to warning at WordPress toolbar.

I am also being told that WordPress 3.8.1 is available, and I should update now, this because I disable, automatic updates on my installations, just,  I show you how to works so, if for some reasons automatic update work,  you still are going to notify, something is off you need to update and just looking at the screen, there are several different indicators for me, up at the top there is recycle icon, because we have the:


2 update


2 update


4 update


5 update

But here I have everything for the update.

6 plugins

I advise you that you should update your WordPress. If you think if you update your WordPress then your website will be crash or something will be wrong remembering if it happens when you think that something wrong with your theme or plugins but not with WordPress.

For the solution of it that you should get default theme and deactivate all plugins and update WordPress after that get your last active theme and active your all plugins one by one.

Lesson-1 WordPress Security.

Lesson-3 Backup WordPress Site

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