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WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress SEO Plugins.

Welcome to WordPress SEO Plugins, in this course, we will know two different plugins, that can help your site, more shareable, and easy to find on social networks, and in search engines.

WordPress SEO

First, we will know All in One SEO plugin, and use a basis to understand that how SEO information can be added, to your content, and then we step thing, up with more powerful, WordPress SEO by Yoast, plugin, for adding functionality, more configuration options.

So, let’s get started.

What You Should Know Before WordPress SEO.

Here we learn, how to use, two different plugins, to gain the control, over the SEO, content on your, WordPress site, we will be at looking two, plugins, and how they and how they differ.

Before we get started, it is important that you should have to function WordPress site, to work with, now that you know the basics, how to set up and configure, a WordPress site and install plugins.

If this is your first time using WordPress, I encourage you to go, to check out my WordPress Essential Training, at, this course walk to through process a set up,  and configuring a WordPress site and I also will show you how to create a new post, organize your content, and master the WordPress backend and many more.

Basic SEO and Social Sharing Principles.


What are SEO and Social Sharing?

SEO is the term you hear all the time, in web development, and publishing circles, and it is the term, it is often associated, with the amount to coding acronyms.

Some people claim to mistake formula that instantly makes your site, rank at the top of the search engines, get you tonnes of visits.

Just like acronyms, this is more reality that said, adding SEO, features to your site, and using them correctly will boost your search engine, ranking in, also help your site, more shareable on the social network.

So, what is SEO: that is acronyms Search Engine Optimization.

That is historically named use to refer to coding and content, practices, that targeted as the way search engine, indexed content, backing the younger days of the internet, so couple the years ago, search engines index content, founded on keywords, and basic algorithms.

As the results, if you pack the pages in your website, with keywords, key phrases, those pages would pop up, at the top of search engines all the time, that is not case of any more, search engine has evolved, along with the web, and today it is trust, and quality content and social sharing that matters.

So, as the past SEO about gaining the search engine, go give you a higher ranking, SEO today, is about boosting your search engine find the ability and ensuring your content, is easily shareable, and that these SEO plugins come in.

So, before we jump in let’s take look at what happens, when a search engine indexes your, page, or someone share, your page on social network, when search engine or social network, read the content on your site, it pulls out, the title, and begin the article, and display them, in sharing box, so the search engines, with the see titles, of the post, followed by URL to the post and the begin of your article.

1 Basic-SEO

On social network, like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn you would see much the same thing, the title, URL, and the begin of the article, the problem is that, the title and the begin of the , article, mostly not very, good when it comes, to displaying what this contents this all about, in many cases you would, have custom title, and custom description, of the content, at the people, can see, they can quickly read the  read the description and they say, “hey something I want to read”, and that is exactly what the plugins do.


Quality Content.

  • Title.
  • URL.
  • Beginning article/text of your contents.
  • The SEO plugins, add a title.
  • Description.
  • To your content that separate from your content. And this title and description is read by the search engines and by the social networks, and display the place of,
  • The original title, and the first part of your, article, as the result you can control, what people see when they find  your content on search engines, and you can also the control what happens when people share your content, on social networks, and that way you can customize the messages, to the audiences and ensure the audience finds what are looking for, and then click on they find them.

1 Basic-SEO

In nut shells, both of these SEO plugins do the same thing, how you control, info index search engines and shared on social media, when people link to you, so instead of letting, search engines, of social networks, guess what kind of your content most important you add that information yourself.   This can be done on the site level or individual post or page level.

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