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WordPress security

WordPress Security.

In this course WordPress security Developer Tips, we will talk about how can you make WordPress is more secure. I will discuss best practice user behaviors how to reinforce WordPress core, and how you can increase the site WordPress security by adding plugins and using third-party services.


The WordPress security is important and I am here to show you how to lock the thing down and get upright, so let’s start.

Before we get started let me give a brief overview, of tools and techniques which will be covered in this Course.

Techniques Covered will be covered in this course.

We will be talking about locking down WordPress makes more secure, so right of the top, I will cover some basic, WordPress security and best practices. Things you should always do. When you run WordPress site to make more secure.

  • Limiting Server Access.

Next, we will look at how to limit server access so that no one can tunnel into the server and make changes to your files and folders.

  • Hardening WordPress Core.

Then we will look hardening WordPress core itself to make WordPress core inaccessible to malicious code and also to the people with malicious intent.

  • Essential Security Add-Ons.

Finally introduce to you some essentials security add-ons, some of my plugins, some are external services, in some my solutions, that you can use if some reasons if the site gets compromised so now you know what has to be covered.

WordPress Security.

WordPress Secure

Whenever we talk about WordPress security, it is important to address, one question right of the back, how secure is WordPress? The answer is, WordPress is one of the most, secure web publishing application available and that is due to WordPress Open source.

  • Open Source Codebase.

Open Source codebase: status, now this might seem, contradictory, if the source code for the WordPress is open in anyone can see it, and anyone can contribute back into the project, will that project less secure, the reality is, completely opposite it. Because of the WordPress community.

The WordPress community: Because open source application is built by the people who use it and the people, who develop WordPress invested interests, in the application working and being secure. That means anytime Vulnerability is found inside WordPress. The WordPress community as whole sits together to find the patching this Vulnerability then submitting updates back to people who use WordPress.

  • Constant Updates.

Constant Updates: Back to the people who use, WordPress, this is what result, the constant updates, of the application, you often see the new update, every month, it is also why, WordPress evolves, so quickly because the community is, working together, to build the better application, we get the security application, right the way, we also get the feature, updates and all the time, with new features and new functionality built in, the bottom line is WordPress is secure.

  • Your Vigilance.

Your Vigilance: as WordPress user,  you are automatically part of the WordPress community and that means, as you long your keep WordPress site up to date, you have secure site, and if something happens, site you can communicate that, directly back to WordPress community and community band together and find the way patching the whole and distribute the patch to everyone, who uses, WordPress.

Lesson-2 WordPress Update.

Lesson-3 Backup WordPress Site

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