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Working with Posting in WordPress?

In this lesson, we will learn how to add a new  WordPress Post. this can be done either from the WordPress toolbar or from the admin panel.

WordPress Post

If you have logged in WordPress and WordPress toolbar is open.

Add New WordPress Post

So, you can create a new posting from anywhere, either you can click on New Button then Post.

first way

Or Post and then New Button.

second way

When you will follow any way then this will automatically take to you  Editor.

You can also create a new from the Post Editor Page. By clicking, Add New Button, and it will also take to in editor.

new post 2nd way

Once you have started adding information.Post Editor.

For example, I have typed the title and some text into the post editor as you can see in the below image.

new post in post editor

You see at the bottom of the post editor there is the option of the draft because WordPress automatically saves the posting as the draft. That means if you navigate away from the posting, close the browser or anything else WordPress will remember what have I just did.


I go to the admin menu and click on all posts; the browser will say sure do you want to do this giving a massage. Leavening the page without saving it. And I click on leave the page.

 leave site

You see in All post index.

all post


If I go to editor mode by clicking on its name.

 click on drafted post

Now, you see that your posting is avail be as it as before.

draft of entire post

This is because WordPress works fine with co-hard with my browser and your browser also, to save all the work I am doing. That means you will not lose any content regardless of what happens to your web browser. You can safely write the content in the WordPress editor.

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