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Understanding WordPress Post Types.

In this lesson, we will understand the WordPress Post Types. In WordPress the primary content type is the post, in fact, WordPress was created by in 2004 the only thing you could do create posts and the back end of WordPress pretty much is still post.


As WordPress evolves years have the content type, today we have main 03 WordPress post types.

Main WordPress Post Types.

  1. Posts.
  2. Pages.
  3. Attachments (media items).

The type you use most is the post and that’s what we focus on in this lesson. To start of the answer to the most obvious question that what is a post?

Post (Technical Definition).

An object naturally included text and images that are planned in categories and tags and showed in converse sequential order on the index page of the site.

Post (Plain English).

An Article, a Photo, a video, or anything else you publish that shows up in a stream and is organized by categories and tags to make it easy to find and relate to other articles, photos, videos, or anything else.

If you visit a magazine or newspaper or blog very much any type of publication online while you scroll through our posts. If you share things on social media, they are also likely posts.

The nature of the post is that the part of the steam of publishing material in that is more or fewer time dependents in that when published matter.

Post Organization Tools.

In the WordPress site, you can sort post based on:

  • Categories (mandatory).
  • Tags (optional).
  • Published specifically by Author (automatic).
  • You can look at post publish during the specific year and specific month, and specific day (Data and item (Automatic).

The real content of the post is completely up to you. A post can be a general text, just an image,  text, and images, image galleries, video and audio file, document, very much whatever, think of a separate piece of work, you want to publish online and allow others to access through URL.

Understanding the Difference Between Posts vs Pages in WordPress Post Types.

Truly understand the post we have to look at the comparison to its counterpart “the page”. We will talk about pages later in this course. But it is important to do a quick comparison between the two now see and understand when to use each.

WordPress has two main types of contents.

Putting post and page side by side we get a clear picture of differences.


  • Published in a stream.
  • Organized by categories and tags.
  • Organized by publishing date.
  • Sortable by author.
  • Comments on by default.


  • Published as individual objects.
  • The only Organized by parent/child relationships. This means you create a page, and define another page as well as its parent.
  • Hidden publication date.
  • Do not display the author (Hidden author).
  • Comments off by default.

These differences available in attributes posts and pages or good indications that what type of content supposed to be useful.

 post and pages in wordpress post types


Posts are published in the stream of data generally current relational.

Magazine articles, portfolios items, or one of your social media streams, you have an idea, you publish the post.

It popups at the top of your stream and time go on and move downstream.

Category and Tags:

Category and tags and other sorting data you only find always later date and find other post related once you have published. Pages are another hand.


Pages are those pieces you put on your site and likely change to the future. Pages typically like contact us, about pages, legal pages and so on.

difference between wordpress post and pages

How will you decide whether to create a post or page?

In most cases everything you publish a post. When you have doubt ask yourself.

These two questions.

  1. When visitors want to see content published related to the item if yes that is post.

If no that is page.

  1. Should I have linked the item to my main menu? It yes that is page and if not, that is post.

3 post or page

differece post and pages

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