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What is different between WordPress vs vs

I want to start off by addressing common confusion in terms WordPress vs vs arises that any time we talk about WordPress. On the web there are two domains that use the name WordPress,, and you find that when I talk about to the people reading about WordPress these two domains change interchangeably. vs WordPress

Let’s brings some clarity to the situation.

WordPress Term Confusion.

When speaking about WordPress, we must make clear understanding between three different terms.

WordPress, vs


WordPress is the application itself available to download for free at, open source, web publishing application you can download and install on any server for publishing content on the web.

The example of correct use of WordPress would be, “My new website is powered by WordPress”.


It is the website, who hosts WordPress open-source project, you can download WordPress the application from and this is where you can find the official documentation the application forms of WordPress codecs, and WordPress Handbooks, the official support forms for WordPress and finally this network is used and discussed information about future WordPress itself.

Example of correct use the term of

It would be you having a problem with your new WordPress site, try asking a question in the forums.

The Website that hosts the WordPress open-source project, including the application, forums, and development.

If you’re having a problem with your WordPress site, try asking a question in the forums.

It is a site who distributes WordPress as a software and as a service application for free or pay. You can build your own site on without having install WordPress itself but your site will be restricted by platforms and its rules.

For example.

You cannot install own plugins or themes on site. You have to pick the list of functions and options.

Example of the correct use of is “I build my first blog on Now I want to add functionality to it, so I am moving to a self-hosted WordPress site.”

A commercial enterprise (owned by Automatic) that distributes WordPress as a hosted service.

I build my first blog on Now I want to add functionality to it, so I am moving to a self-hosted WordPress site.



The WordPress Application itself.

Home of the WordPress open-source project.

A Company that hosts WordPress as a service.


  • Free download.
  • Custom themes and plugins
  • Ads and 3rd-party content.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Requires server and know-how.
  • Your responsibility.

  • Free setup (basic package).
  • Limited themes, no plugins.
  • Built-in ads, no 3rd-party content.
  • Limited customization.
  • No development skills required.
  • Automatic updates and security.

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