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WordPress Media Library.

If you look at the web away the computer sees, it is entirely based on text, but we humans make. So exiting is WordPress Media Library, media like images, audio, video & advanced documents.

WordPress Media Library

Now you know how to create, edit, publish post text with WordPress. Now it is time to add media elements to the next, which starts with understanding how WordPress handles media elements.

When we talk about WordPress’s media elements or anywhere else on the web, we can group two main categories.

WordPress Media Works in More Detail. (WordPress Media Library).

Media Elements.

Images, audio, video, and advanced documents.

Two groups.

1 media elements

  1. Local content.

Uploaded to WordPress Lives on the server.

  1. Embedded content(lives somewhere else)

They were uploaded to a third party.

Referenced in WordPress.

Typically you find images and documents on local content group well audio and video live somewhere else.

Well, address Embedded content to words at the end of the chapter. For now, let’s focus on local content and particularly images.

In WordPress, you can upload images elements directly from the content editor while creating new content or media of view in the admin panel.  

WordPress creates what is know as an attachment post for that element when you upload the media elements.

This attachment post is similar to your regular placement. Still, it has some crucial differences, and the attachment post creates whole the data about the attachment, either image, document, or other media files. 

2 attachment posts

It has a title, and alternative text attributes a caption, description, linked to the uploaded media file.

So importantly, it has a relational link or links that tide the links attachment to the post or page was added, so when you upload and add image post. 

Understanding WordPress Media in Attachment Posts.

You are creating an attachment post for the image and then using the attachment post data to the position’s image.

Once the attachment post has been made, you can add the same idea with the same date to the other posts without uploading anything because images live in an independent attachment post.

3 attachment posts 2

There is more. When you upload the image, WordPress does not save the image. It creates many different versions of that idea.

It creates a large print, a medium shot, and makes square thumbnail and the original. When you add the image to a post or page, you can choose which of the size you want to use, and WordPress will provide a direct image file for the size you pick. 

The image sizes a created or controlled in part the current activated theme in part of WordPress default and function of you. though I do not recommend it.

4 images thumnails

you can go to the settings and media change the default size of images uploaded in the future.

This chapter will look at adding images, posts, and pages: managing media items and embedding extra content.

media settings

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