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WordPress Limit Login Attempts

WordPress Limit Login Attempts.

In this lesson, we will learn about limit login attempts plugins. In previous lessons, we saw how to change user behaviors, to make your WordPress site more secure, then how can you lock down WordPress harden the files and folders, with new WordPress Installations, and also move the availability of the file editor within the WordPress admin.


In this lesson, now we will see some additional features you can add to your WordPress site for increase WordPress security level.

It is important to know this is not a comprehensive list of every single security plugin and security things, you add in your site, instead, this is the good list of the solution.

I add every site I set up, to more secure, and make it safe to use, we start with plugin limit login attempts.

This speaks to something I talk about, earlier in this course, you remember I talked/discussed username and passwords more you can read this lesson, where I mentioned that the web is full with the blogs, and computers, and try to log in, to your admin account, by Brue force.

The hackers simply go to log in page and enter the random, usernames and passwords, and do the millions of time privacy and gain the access, by guessing the username and passwords, combinations.

So, this can be problematic, especially if you have, popular site, because every time, that bar goes reloads the page, it is taking away to the resources your server, and that if you get a lot of bots doing the same time, slow down the performance, on your site, and probably get your email from host site,  hey something wrong with your site.

There is a very simple method for avoiding this, and that is limiting the amount of time someone can try to log in your site, and the plugin limit login attempts do just that.

This plugin prevents hackers from login attempts and it will give you detail who and how many attempts are made within your site.

You can find that plugins settings.

Limit Login Attempts.

1 Limit Login Attempts settings

The great thing about this plugin is it works fine.

You should Install  WordPress Limit Login Attempts from WordPress Plugins option. After installing activate it.

But if you want to, you can configure further. Fist you can set up when the user, log out, you see the default settings, allow to user to try, to log in four times.

If they fail after 4 times, they can log out 20 minutes.  After that they can get regain access, they can try 4 more times.

2 Limit Login Attempts

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