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Adding WordPress Images to Posts and Pages

In this lesson, we will learn Adding WordPress images to posts and pages, moving an image to a new location, and also Adding images from other sites.


Now I want to add images to the post because my only text does not appeal. So, I want to add photos. I have already photos folder on my computer.

Adding images to posts or pages is done from by directly content editor.

You have several options in the content editor.

If you want you can place the cursor on anywhere in your editor and then open your folder drag and drop whatever images you want to see to appear into the editor, and this will automatically open the add the media dialogue.

  1. Go to the editor. (Any editor you have).
  2. Find a place where you want to appear image.
  3. Add Media button.
  4. 1 add media
  5. Then it opened the insert media button.
  6. WordPress opens up this media panel always in media library mode. They show up all the media items that you have previously uploaded into WordPress media panel in our case. I have not added anything else as you build your site you have to add images.
  1. Here, for example, I upload the file. Click on upload files.
  2. Upload Files Or Insert from URL (we will learn about it later ).
  3.  2 add media options
  4. Select files.
  5. (Get the file from the location or you select file and drag).
  6. Once an image is uploaded in my site, I switch back to the media library. I can see the image or images than on right here I get all the information about the file.

Right side, you can see the property of the image.

 3 add image properties

4 add image properties 2

Save as Draft Preview.

To Bring Changes with Image and Text.

5 image setting options

Click on the image detail button.

6 image detail options

You can move the image to another paragraph/place, but first, you have to remove the caption of the picture.

 Moving an image to a new location.

How to Move Pictures Inside the Post in WordPress Images.

As you start adding images to your Content in your invariably running situation in your situation where either placed the image in the wrong place on the Content or where you put the picture, in what do you think the area in the content look at the front end. 

It relies upon hmm that is not correct place and move it, now this is somewhat, This is prevalent scenarios, and you encounter all the time, I am going to show you, How to transfer images inside the posts.

I have already an image to my post, I click on edit my post, see here.

Suppose I click on image and drag to another place. But I cannot do it. Because the image which wants to drag it has a caption, keep the image on selected image, edit, paste on caption place.

A tip clicks on image, edit, select caption and cut, update. Now you can move everywhere.

Your image can easily be moved every part of the post but If you have given caption then first you have to remove or cut caption then it can be moved from background coding.

Adding images from other sites in WordPress Images.

At the begin of this chapter, I said that the two groups of media content you can add to your site.

 Local Content where you upload Content to WordPress as we have down so for in this chapter.

 2nd is Embedded Content now we look at embedded Content with images. Some other sites.

6 local and embaded contetn

When you add the image to webpage adding the image to the page, instead you are adding core reference tells to the browser we are the image file set then.  

<img src=”abc.jpg” alt=”abc”>

The browser takes the page cut the whole the page and grab the file and paste inside the whole. This means you can add an image to your site.

8 image sits in to site

Even if the image is not uploaded to your site, however, there are some restrictions of which all address later on this movie so let’s see how it is done in WordPress.

I am using pervasive scenarios.

Let’s say you have a bunch of images and you have uploaded them picture hosting site like now you want to use one of those images in the post or page, you have to do that, but you have to follow guidelines of flicker, and you have to right away.

So, the first thing we have to need to do.

  1. Go to WordPress.
  2. Go to the post.
  3. Edit the post.
  4. Follow the same procedure that we use for inserting regular images.

Scroll down here.

Find that place where the image to appear.

Add media

Instead of choosing the media here, I am going to the left-hand side

Choose Insert from URL

9 Choose insert from url

Here I can insert any type of URL of media content WordPress figure out what that is and give me more contextual options. So in this case

I go back to flicker.

10 flicker

and get the URL of image file In case of suggestion also. Click the download button at the bottom right-hand corner.

11 flicker image down

Select view all sizes. Then I need the find the length. I select medium 800 dimensions.

12 flicker all sizes

Right-click on the image, copy image URL

13 flicker copy size

Go back to WordPress then paste now WordPress will go and check to this image file is.

14 url pix

You can add a caption, give Alternative text, set Alignment also set Link (paste here URL of image).

 Click on Insert in post button.

You can also edit an image, but you cannot change the size because size is done by flicker.

Now you know how to use images just from other sources.

Noted: When you use WordPress Images from other sites, on your site, you have followed strict guidelines. About Attributions and ownership 

15 image rule


Potential legal quagmire

One of the challenges, publishing Content on the web. Even though that everything available to you. 

Use simple rules that you have to follow.

Only Use WordPress Images You Either:

  • Took yourself
  • Paid someone takes for you
  • Have explicit written permission to publish

In all other cases, do not use the images. This may sound extreme. But it may save you possibly legal in future.

There is an excellent thing that there are millions of photos/images are available. Can be used with the permissions. 

Many photographers now publish photos under what they know as the creative commons license or CC license for short.

The CC license grants to everyone the right to use the photos post-on-site like flicker by the follow certain restrictions  

16 creative commons license size

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