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How to Create a WordPress Image Gallery.

In this lesson, we will learn How to Create WordPress image gallery. Using the techniques, I have shown you in the last lesson. You can add or a few images that you want to add to post and pages.


Each of those images will appear individually, you can add images to the top or to the bottom, middle or everywhere.

Each of those images, well as its own individual units within the context of the post or page.

However, in some cases, you have a series of images and want them to appear galleries format.

So,  when the user see them and see all the images and small thumbnails and you can click on individual images, make popup and see the full version of the image.

Let’s Start Working WordPress Image Gallery.

WordPress allows you to do this.  You want to know how?

Click on Edit Post.

I need the place the cursor where I want to want to show images as an image gallery to appear.

When you select the place then click Add Media Button as I did before but at this time instead of going insert media

1 add media

 I click on create a gallery.

2 add media options

When you go to create the gallery. On the thing, we see changing is you see the Create Gallery at the top instead of Insert media.

Upload files.

Select Files.

Now I have to find a folder of images where I have to upload images. Select images from your image folder just drag and drop them.

2 image folder

3 select all images from gallery

After uploading all images then you have to complete the information of each image. I have uploaded a bunch of images.

Once I have added attachment details all the images. I have to make sure that the images I have selected are correct.

You see the all the images are selected with the checkbox at the top right-hand corner.

4 select all images from gallery 2

Once I am happy with my selection click on create new gallery button at the bottom right-hand corner.

5 create new gallery

This will be taken at gallery editor for edit the gallery further.

6 edit gallery

Here you can do a couple of things.

I can change the order of my images I want to so I can drag any image and re-order to the new position.

7 reorder gallery

You can also use the reverse order

8 reverse order

If I see here any image and do not want to see in the gallery. So, for doing I can just click on x as close, which will image out.

9 remove image from gallery

You can also add more images into the gallery by clicking on add to Gallery button.

10 add image to gallery

Once I am happy with my selection of images. You can also do more setting of the Gallery go to the right-hand side and see the Gallery Settings.

11 gallery settings

12 gallery settings 2

In the first option, you see Link to: it means where the thumbnails in the gallery link to and the default the setting is to attachment page but in most cases link to the media file.

So I can use the lightbox plugin.

Columns: how many columns the gallery to have. Default is 3 you can set according to your wish.

Random order: you can also use random order.

Size: what size of the image display within the gallery.

Once you are done with your gallery.

Click on insert gallery.

You can see the view in the editor and web browser.

Get WordPress.
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