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WordPress Files

What to Back Up in WordPress.

Now you know why the backup the matters now it is also important to know, what to backup I mean which WordPress files should be back up.

After all, WordPress is the complex machine, with many moving, parts, and it is important to know, which parts of backing up, and which part can be replaced with the new part.

WordPress Files

What to Back Up in WordPress WordPress Files.

WordPress Files Backup.

  • Database (contains all your content and settings).
  • Wp-content folder (holds themes, plugins, and uploads).
  • Wp-config.php file.
  • .htaccess file.

 So, let’s take a look at what WordPress files need to backup.

1- The first and most obvious, thing you need to back up, is the database, itself, this is all your, contents store, and also where your settings are stored.

1 WordPress files

So, if you want to simply want to store, to your site to previous, positions you just to replace, the database, with the back of the database, and just back in time. Whatever that backup created.

2- You should also back to your wp-content folder, this folder contains, all your themes, all your plugins, and most importantly all your uploads, so any image and document, audio or video, the file that you have uploaded to WordPress, will be contained within this upload folders.

2 WordPress files

If you want to restore, your site to your, previous position, you need to restore, the upload folder too, the same goes themes and same goes for the plugins.

This is important you get back up your themes plugins and upload because if your site gets hacked, the hacker may inject the code, in either your themes or your plugins, or your uploads, or all of these different things.

Therefore, having full back up your, all the content means if you get hacked, you can still restore, your site to the previous position

Otherwise, you get the hacked you just restore your database, the hack may place, in one these files, within the wp-content folder.

So having the full backup of that folder, is important now also keep in mind, that wp-content folder can get very large if you have a lot of content on your site and a lot of images, and videos and other things.

So, keep that in mind, when you decide on the site goal and which site will be backed up.

3- wp-config.php file: In addition, you need to, get the back wp-config.php file, this is the configuration file, that tells the WordPress, how to talk with the database, it is absolutely vital, you back up WordPress files.

3 WordPress files

But it is a good idea, because you need to restore, your site to previous, position, and you do not have the file, after re-connect the WordPress with the database.

That means find the hostname and username, and the password, for the database access, in that requires going to settings panels, no one does a lot of work, it is much easier just back wp-config.php file, and that way you can reverse, to the previous position, by easily,

4- Finally if there is .htaccess file, on your server, you should make a backup of that file to, the .htaccess file, helps to WordPress to understand, what to do with the curtain, types of information,.

This is where your, Permalinks’ configurations are stored, and also where other things, like limiting access to certain contents, stored, so depending on your particular,  hosting environment that how you set up your, WordPress site the .htaccess file, make contain everyone, five lines of codes, 100 lines of codes.

It is important to keep the backup, of this file, so if you need to restore, site to the previous position, you also have all those, access setting in place, the great thing is, all of these different things can be backed up, properly, by any of the plugins that will be looking at, and back up procedure can be completed automatically, you do not have worry about it.

4 WordPress files

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