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WordPress Featured Images.

In addition to adding, single image, or images, or images gallery, so that content of the post itself, you can also associate a single image with your post. So, that single image can be displayed outside the context of the content itself.


These are known as WordPress featured images and have a special role to play, to your WordPress site, and when your WordPress content get shared on social media.

WordPress Featured Images Practical.

So, see what WordPress featured images are to add one in our post, now instead of an editor, I am going to right-hand panel, and scroll to the bottom, and find the featured image panel, this is the only panel we have in pending now we see it, to add featured image in our post, the panel has only one button, this is a set featured image I can click the button.

1 class editor featured image

2 Block editor featured image

This opened up different versions, of the media uploader so, here you see the uploaded files or select from my media library.

3 media from wordpress

Click on upload files.

Go to your folder and select that file which you want to use as a featured image or drag to the image panel.

4 select image from your folder

Fill the information of the file.

Once you have added/filled the information.

The set featured image.

Noted: the featured image will not be used with the caption.

Now instead these images are being added to content to my post but it appears at down here the featured image panel.

This is a preview of the image which it looks like.

If I want to delete then I have to click on remove featured image.

It will take away and then I can add one. But If I think it is correct one I update the post and go view my post, now see something change.

The WordPress featured Images just display outside the post, in this case, a top of the post. This is important to remember.

Different themes will display you featured image, different ways some crop them, leave in standard formats. Some at the top of the post. Some show at the side of the post. Some on the header of the post.

But general consensus featured images above the title of the post.

If your front of the page, you see the top of the page and fully clickable. If someone goes to my site, finds that post shares the URL to post Facebook, Google+ or other social media.

As we used inserting the image, photo gallery now we will work on featured images.

It must be noted featured image depends upon the theme which you are using some times come as header some time as displayed in the sided bar.

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