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WordPress Custom Email

WordPress Custom Email.

In this article, we will learn about WordPress custom email. Just one small thing before we get started, I have small tips for you and you can choose whether you follow, or not, this is part of my work process and it may be your part too.

WordPress Custom Email.

I manage different WordPress site, and I want to make sure that the backup, for each site, is completely separate from all other sites.

WordPress Custom Email.

More than other sites, and never be any confusion, what backup I currently looking at, to make happen, what I do I create, a new email address for every single site, that I want to back up, and I use that email address, only for the site backups.

That way creating a new hosting account, on whatever host I want to use, for my backups, like Dropbox, for that specific site using this email, address, and then I need to, recover a backup, for that particular site, I can just go to my either my email, or to Dropbox, or whatever other services, Using the store my backups, and log in to direct, and only get the backup, for that particular site.

There are other ways to do you can have, one big dropbox account, have multiple folders, under it, but, I find this more effective, because it gives me, limited storage, and it is very much firewall, of each backup from any other backups, and I avoid that kind of confusion.

So, this I have done for, the example site, working with here, I have a new Gmail account, and it is empty using, to hook up to Dropbox, fresh or already have Dropbox account, that I hook up my backup, directly to, you can choose to do this, or you can choose your own, email account, to do this,

I advise If you have multiple sites and you store all the backups, the same place you have to be really careful, about sorting properly so that your backup, do not get the mix together.

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