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What is the Difference Between WordPress categories vs tags?

wordpress categories vs tags

It is very essential to understand the difference between categories and tags in WordPress.

One of the major benefits of the web that allows us, unlimited space, publish our thoughts, ideas, and creations and share those with the world as well.

The challenge to doing so is that if we do not organize our published content and easy to understand way, it becomes impossible to define.

This is why WordPress we sort our posts, using categories and tags.

Categories and tags are two main taxonomies WordPress uses to associates posts with each other.

WordPress Categories vs Tags.

1 cat vs tags

For reference.

Taxonomy is a fancy word for organizing sorting systems, and it fits very well here.

“A system or scheme of classification of something.”

Categories and tags are two different types of classifications. So, before we use them, it is important to know, how to use them.

2 cat v tag define categories-tags

Categories first:

In WordPress, every post must belong at-least one category and every post can belong to a few or as many categories as you like.

3 cat first categories-tags

Using Categories and Tags.

In WordPress, your post is organized based on categories and tags.

Every post must belong at least with one category and every post can belong to a few or as many categories as you like.

If you do not a select category for the post, it will automatically be defied as name un categorize which makes no sense.

So, the rule of thumb here is that Always apply a category to every post.

4 hierarchical tax categories-tags

5 example

6 undershirt

Categories are hierarchical taxonomies. It means to have one category contains another (and another), allowing further specificity of the organization.


By contrast non-hierarchical meaning. They have no relationships with any other tag.

Just see how it works.

7 cat vs tag sample

Now before continue I have to bring up a warning you will be told by the people, or articles, videos on the web, you should add a lot of tags to your posts. To boost SEO.

This is not true. Adding tags for the sake of SEO is useless. Tags that help you readers and search engines like google figure out connections between your post. If you make your text meaningful. You make your content more accessible.

Before we look at how to apply categories and tags to a specific post. We need to make slide configuration change to WordPress install.

Adding categories and Tags to Posts.

Adding categories and tags to your posts is done by post editor. Because categories are mandatory the appear first right-hand sidebar. Directly under the post format.

8 using cat

9 using cat 2

In the image, you have one category you can see that is uncategorized. this is because every post must belong to one category.  You see also extra categories. Like: MS-Office & Web Designing.

Remember if you do not assign a category to your post. You always set the automatically un-categorized category. It is not good to use that you give un-categorized to your post. un-categorized is not good to use.

How to Create a New Category.

  1. Click on add new category, the link is available under the main categories lists.
  2. When I click on it, I get new field I type
  3. If I want to add another new category again I have to type a new category name like I type Network.

10 using categories

11 all categores example

You can also create parent and child relationships between your posts.

Here in this example: Graphics is the parent and Graphic Designing is a child.

12 cat

If you have a lot of categories then you can use the most used tab.

13 using cat more then one

Tags are quite different, the free text-based. Means you type in whatever tag want to apply at your post, and then comma-separated them, and then you have can have them in bulk, if you type in tag already, exists.

Let’ say means If you type that which is already present than that text will automatically be displayed.

If something is new then that word you have to type. Once you added your tags with comma-separated. Then you simply add.

14 using more then cat

15 using more then one cat

Then you notice that all those tags have appeared underneath.

If you want to delete click on red (x).

16 remove cat

One important thing about tag please note that tags are case sensitive. That means I have already tags vitamins and the same text I type in capitals letters now I have two different tags.

After selecting categories and tags then you can save the post as a draft by clicking save as draft button.

Now I want to give you a piece of advice.

  • When starting a new site, take some time to plan out about your categories structure. I often see sites not planning was created. When you end up with a long list of categories a few items in them.
  • Plan Ahead
  • Organize your categories.

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