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Why WordPress Backup.

Why WordPress Backup.

In this article, we will know about the WordPress backup. I want to address the question of why you want to have a WordPress backup routine in place for your WordPress site.


Beginning, you may assume that, once you pay to someone, post your site on the web, they should be responsible, for keeping your site, secure and making sure that no one hacks the site, and also make sure that keep WordPress backup site regularly.

The reality is a bit more complicated, so before we get started, it is important you understand, why backups matter, the first reason why you want to own backup routine, in place your site, it is the most obvious one.

Why WordPress Backup.



1 Hacking

No matter how secure your site is and no matter how secure your site host, there is always small chance your site gets hacked and when that happened, the hackers go and go out of the way.

Make sure that no matter you do, the hack will the same place, that means likely to go and change a lot of your files. Hackers might add extra files or removes files, you put in, and they also inject code into the database itself.

All of this makes them very hard to remove, that the hack, introduce into your site, so the best solution when you get hacked, go to the back time and restore the site, to the position before, got hacked, that means you need, proper backups and you need to several of them.

You can go back to the place, where the hack happened and jump one step further back and restore your site, that point, the second may not be an as obvious, but it is just important.

2-Server Malfunction.

In some rare cases, the hosting servers that you have your site owner might break down, after all, servers are just large, computers, hosted in large computer-based.

In some cases, computers just now function, in some very, very rare cases that may results, in all of your data gettings, destroy. I can tell you from my experience, it is actually happened with me, that if enough bad things happen, on the server end, may actually lose you all data and the hosting company, may not be able to restore it.

In those cases, the only the way you have, your own personal backup of routine, so even if hosting company, offers backups, you should run still run your own, backup routines to do just in case, something goes wrong enough.

3-Hosting Company Ends Service.

3 Hosting Company Ends Service

In some rare cases, the hosting company may decide their services, or may terminate their contract with you for various reasons, of you may want to terminate your contract, with that company, in all those cases, you need the backup.

4-Quickly Move Site to New Host.

4 Quickly Move Site to New Host

In some cases, you just may want to move the site to the new host, it could be because of better deals from somewhere, or because you want to experiment site owner with a different host or you may experiment with contact locally computer.

In those cases, having the backup, you can simply grab off, your backup location, in the web, and just install to the new host, it is for better, having to your existing site and export all contact, and import backup in later in some other site. So, all these reasons should convince you, a setup, proper backup routine, on your site.


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