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Using Windows Edge for Browsing the Web.

Using Windows Edge for Browsing the Web.

With the release of Windows, 10 Microsoft has included a brand-new re-build web browser, which is called Windows Edge Browser. So far we have never used the internet in this course. I have been working with the edge. On a fresh installation of windows. There is Widows edge is default web browser and will be pinned to the taskbar. You can launch it from there. So if you click on the web address. Email address, or elsewhere. Edge is the browser will popup.

windows Edge

If you have not pinned Windows Edge Browser on your taskbar. It is very easy to pin there. Already we have learned to pin.


Find out Microsoft Windows Edge.

Right click on it

Pin to taskbar.

windows edge screen

It is similar to internet explorer and fast than Internet Explorer.


In this movie, I want to start by getting familiar with the interface of edge. So we can navigate to the web pages on doing searches. So launch an Edge from the taskbar.

There are two main parts of edge window.

The main of window big part of the interface shows the contents what web page is currently is viewing.

 windows edge Browsing

Another part of the interface is you need to work with is this thin toolbar across the top. Where we see back and forward button as well as reload button and right-hand side others options are available. You do not see search and address bar at the top of the window near the top of this MSN page there is a field which is search intro web address under the where to next? Line. It is same as the address bar.

 address bar of edge

type in edge

type in edge example

edge address bar

Now, the address bar will be shown.

On the address bar, I can type and website address.

New Tab.

 New Tab of edge

Another way.

From any webpage link, right click on the link, open in new tab.

Another way of new tab in edge

Change the position of the tab.

Click on tab drag it and keep it where you want to keep.

Close the tab.

Click on x (close) button

close tab in edge

There are a bunch of others options are available at the right-hand side.

Menu button (when I click on it, then it opens up a menu.).

edge others options

If you click on setting you would see the following image.

 edge settings

 edge account

See advanced setting.

adge advanced settings

edge more advanced settings


Favorite as available another browsers bookmark.

As you browse the web, you sure to find out some websites you want to come back to on regular basis. Or maybe just pages you want to remember that you can visit them again. In those situations, you should probably have marked some edges as favorite some others web browsers preferred as bookmarks.

But edges uses words favorite. There is few ways to create access bookmarks.

First I want to add activate favorite toolbar. I do that by clicking on the menu on the top right going to set.

Switch on the favorite bar.

switch to favorites bar

 view favorites settings

Favorites bar of edge

 work in Favorites of edge

 saving in favorite bar of edge


hub of edge

In hub, you can see favorites, Readings List, history, downloads.

fully favorite of edge

You can click any bookmarked site, then the site will be opened.


As your browsing on the web. I m sure you are going to finds a lot of stuff that you want to sit down and spend some time reading. May be news stories or Wikipedia entries just may be long web pages. Edge has some nice tools to make a reading experience a little more enjoyable.

First, let’s talk about reading views.

Take a look here.

At the toolbar.

Next to star button.

Reading of edge

Reading view is not available for every web pages. Usually, a page which contains just the majority of pictures, embedded video, reading view can not be available, you just to take a look-see that button is active when you think that you want to read.

Which page has a lot of text then you can view it as reading view.

You can also add the reading view as the favourite.

So click on start favorite.

Click on the reading list instead favorite like below image.


You can also add reading view as favourite.

You can access from Hub.

reading list

see reading list

remove reading list


Edge has a feature will allow you to take notes directly on the web page this feature is called web notes so let’s I am doing some re-search on any task using edge.

working with Notes of edge

 toolbar of edge

This toolbar gives me the tool to take the notes.

The first tool is pen tool. (you can draw on the page.) you can also select the color from litter arrow on down side corner.

Highlighter: you can highlight and you can also change the color.

Eraser: you can erase.

Add note: you can create a note.

Clip: select text or anything from the page. Then paste it any application. Like word.

display notes of edge

If you have OneNote application you can save there. But now I am saving into favorites.

Exit and go to the normal page.

You can access saved note from clicking on the hub.

open notes

notes with favorites


As you continue work on the web. eventually, you probably need a download a file from the web, internet on the web. A link on the web page can go to a downloadable file just as easily as can go to a webpage.

Click on Hub.

Download options of edge


Like most browser edge keeps a log of the webpage you have visited recently. This log is known as history it can be a really helpful tool if you are trying a remember the page you saw a few days ago but it can be also privacy concern let’s explore options for history.

So first I want to see the list of my history in getting to that I use hub.

history of edge

displays the options of edge

 clear the history of edge

Do not want to record history or do not want to appear in history.



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