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Using Windows Cortana to Search.

Using Windows Cortana to Search.

In Windows 10 there is one unified tool that relates both search of contents of your computer and the web it is called Windows Cortana. If you are looking for a file on your computer and you want to find something on the internet.

You might go to Windows Cortana. Crotona works as Personal Assistance. Collecting the information by your day including appointments and weather reports and suggesting new stories you might interest in so before we get using it.

windows Cortana

You must have a Microsoft account.

If you use the first time than you need to setup.

 cortana setup

 cortana sign in

cortana account option

cortana password

search web

search in cortana

cortana option

i am cortana

cortana news display

cortana options

From above screen click any option and make a configuration.

 cortana configuration


Whether you use personal Assistance features in Crotona or not.

You can also use the general feature at some point with Crotona, you can search the contents of your computer or the web.

First I want to search something on my computer. I have already mentioned, I think it is very important for you that you store files in an organized location and remember where you keep things but in reality.

So, let’s use Crotona to find the file now I know some work find.

 Assistance features in Cortana

 Assistance features in Cortana 2


Crotona has voice reorganization built in as well as its own voice capability. so, if your computer has a microphone. You can perform.

Searches, and use the personal assistance features, Crotona as if you have the thing of conversation with your computer so starting with a simple search down here with Crotona search features there is a little button on the right look like a microphone.

This button will trigger the audio search features to use this you will need have a computer with the microphone or you need a setup some other microphone like USB microphone.

But microphone very standard on laptop, tablets, and ever some desktop computers, so you may also ready be set.

When you first time hit the button on your computer it may want to you to simple setup and it may prompt to read example sentence to calibrate the system you.

Voice of cortana

 cortana recording

Say something like “Pakistan” or anything else.

 cortana start recording

Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial

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