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Windows 10 Updates.

Windows 10 Updates.

Windows 10 Updates are really very important for keeping your computer running smoothly and securely. Microsoft will update available to fix bugs and improve the functionality of windows.

Windows 10 Updates

By default, those updates will download and install automatically but you can configure your update its install manually, if you prefer.

To get your update settings.



update settings.

available update

3 updates currently available and have not been installed on my computer yet. If I want to I can hit the install now button and install those updates right now. If you do not want to come here to the settings and hit this button install updates. That’s perfectly fine.

Windows will choose a time automatically install the Windows 10 Updates in some points. Downloading updates can impact internet speed and installing those updates can impact the computer performance so, windows will wait until computer is free install to updates.

So, if you wake away from computer for few minutes and is not doing anything, windows might choose that time to download and install any available update. But sometimes Windows 10 Updates require computer to restart and this is something can be frustrating.

It is possible that you can walk away from your computer and when you come back its middle of installing and restarting your computer.

Turn off the Automatic Updates.

So, some people concerts to turn off the automatic updates options.

To do that just click on Advance options.

update advanced options

 Turn off the Automatic Updates.

Now if any update is available to install the computer will not automatically update. Instead it pops up notification and you have chance schedule when you want update.

It is important to keep your computer up to date.

Fortunately, do not really need to much. Everything is pretty well automated. If the automatic restarts get in the way you can delay them. Just do not delay them too long.

If Windows get out of date. Problems can arise between Windows and applications you are running or curtain technologies on the web. So, it can be a very bad to delay your updates for too long. Go ahead and configure your options and please make sure updates are done in reasonable amount of time.


There are three options for getting windows 10.

1.       When you buy laptop, it is with windows 10.

2.       You can buy and install.

3.       If you have windows seven or windows 8.1 then do followings



You can do from control panel.

Upgrade option first

Upgrade option next

Installation windows 10


You can purchase new and latest copy.

Installation windows 10

 select options windows 10

Installation of windows settings












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