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Windows 10 Troubleshooting.

Windows 10 Troubleshooting.

It is very important to know about Windows 10 Troubleshooting, so we will learn Windows 10 Troubleshooting in this lesson.

Windows 10 Troubleshooting


Malware is a big problem. Malware is malicious software. It is category of things might include viruses or applications installed on your computer to cause the damage unfortunately there are bad guys there trying to spread malware.

Sometimes they just like to cause the damage but sometimes they profit by stealing the information or opening other security holes. So, protecting from malware windows include a free scanning tool call windows defender.  It is good tool to know in Windows 10 Troubleshooting.




 update and security

 open windows defender

windows defender

There are 03 Scan options.

Quick: it will scan quickly.

Full:  All Drives will be scanned.

Custom: it depends on user which drives scanning wants to run.

Update: for updating.

History: where history of scanning can be seen.


There are so many settings you can adjust with windows particularly control panel.

Some of these settings, can affect the security of your system or impact on your computer performance. windows 10 have the tool monitor those settings, and it can alert you when something is set in the way you might put computer at risk. This feature is known as the action center previous version of windows but now we the know name of action center is used to describe.

action center

Right click on start menu.

Control panel.


 other way of remote accessing

Click on Security and Maintenance.


 system and security

security and maintence

security and maintence options

 review recent massages

 action center no new notifications


In this article Windows 10 Troubleshooting  , I want to talk about some controls that you might need simple trouble shooting windows or you might not it depends on the user. these are options might be hard defining if you do not know where is to look but may valuable someday   first I want to talk about ctrl+alt+delete.

 secure logon

 logon options

 task manager

Quick Link Menu.

Right click on Start Button.

right click on start button

Run as Administrator.

Right click any program from start.

Some programs require or some program do not require.


Here now will talk about resetting windows, resetting windows will completely be installed fresh windows on your computer you can use as the troubleshooting measure.

Reinstalling clean and fresh version of windows without effecting your files or you can choose the completely white out files from your computer and re-install which is great option

If you are selling giving your way computer.

Let’s see how it is work.



 windows recovery

 windows recovery

Getting Started.

 Getting Started choose options


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