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Understanding Windows 10 Settings.

Understanding Windows 10 settings.

In this article, we will learn about Micorsoft Windows 10 settings. We will learn a few very important tools following tools.


  1. Modifier Keys.
  2. Shutdown.
  3. Action center.
  4. Control panel.
  5. mouse and keyboard Bluetooth.
  6. Printer.
  7. Internet.

1- Modifier Keys.

Modifier keys are in Windows 10 settings pretty valuable especially when you are using the keyboard,  some modifier keys are very essential.

So, what are the modifier keys?

These are just keys you would hold down on your keyboard to unlock some to other functionality.

Particularly used for keyboard shortcuts.

Modifier Keys (short keys).

 Modifier Keys

Modifier Keys 2

Known as start key.

 known as start key

Esc key (it is not modifier key).

 Esc key

Function keys.

 Function keys

Latest keyboard performs double duties.

 fn key

This is a fn key special available at Laptop or some keyboard.

 quit application

 keyboard shortcuts

2- Shutdown.

With any computer, it is important to able shutdown and restarts, but you do not need to shut down every time your computer at finishing to using it. Sometimes you need sleep mode.

Start button.

 Start button

Restart: computer will be restart.

Shut down: computer will be shut down/off.

Sleep: computer will sleep not shut down when your click enters key from the keyboard, it will be awake.

Or right click on start button.

 right click on start button

Sign out.

Start button.

click on your signing name.

 signing name

3- Action Center.

Action center has few purposes first it gives you knowledge of manage notifications.

Notifications are alert or some other information that you should aware of these can about the calendar or email.

 Action center.

Click on All setting. (from Action Center).



 system setting

 all setting

If you click on action center.

The setting of PC is available there.

If you click any setting related setting will be opened.

4-Control panel.

It is much like settings if you find any setting which is not available in settings then that setting will be in available in Control Panel. Keep in mind control panel is a little bit complex.

A lot of options are available and harder to navigate.

Whether you use settings or control panel both have search options.

Right click on start button of windows.

. Control panel

 other way of Control panel

5- Mouse (Mouse and Keyboard Bluetooth).

In this movie, I want to talk about setting up and configuration like mouse and keyboard

From start menu go to setting.


Mouse and touchpad.

mouse and touch pad


 blue tooth

 Bluetooth setting

 connected devices

 list of connect devices

6- Printer.

Now we will talk about the printer for your Windows 10.

Start button.



 printer and scanners

 printer and scanner setting


In this movie, I want to talk about connecting a computer to the internet for most user modern computers this process is very easy.

The process of connecting to the internet can be more complicated depending on your network configuration if you are connecting the network to your school or office anywhere where is IT team who manage the network.

Start button.



setting of internet

Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial

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