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Windows 10 Back Up and Restore.

Windows 10 Back Up and Restore.

In this article, we will learn Windows 10 Back Up and Restore, where I have discussed following topics.

Windows 10 Back Up and Restore.

  • System Backup.
  • File History.
  • Restore.
  • Manual.

System Backup.

Understanding Backup in Windows 10 Back Up and Restore article is very necessary.  When you use any computer, you should start with the essentials that your hard drive will break one day. May be get lucky and may be nothing bad will happen I assume that but even computer get never get lose or stolen than one day hard drive will break and I will lose files so I think it is absolutely essential to keep safe copy of all of your files which is called backup.

There are few tools in windows 10 for creating backups they do different type of backups and served different backups now in this article we will learn full system backup. The full system backup  is the complete backup of your entire hard drive including your windows backup.

This backup is designed to completely restore your system you need to replace to restore  a lost or broken computer there is different backup in windows called history which is better than backing up quickly restoring individually files.

So I suggest for security it is good idea to setup a full system backup.

Let’s start.

You should use a separate hard drive for backup.

Come to File Explorer.

Noted: your drive should be on NTFS.

Right click on drive.


Start for backup.

Right click on start button.

Control panel.


other way of remote accessing

 backup and restore

backup and restore your files

 create a system disk

 setup a disk

 seutp a disk lets choose drive

review your backup a disk

save setting and backup a disk

 back in progress

 check your backup results

 backup now

If you do not want to use current hard disk.

 change the settings

Than choose an other drive.

 setup backup

Restore file to current computer or another computer.

 restore my files

 disconnect backup

If your drive is not connected.

 windows setup

 repair your computer

choose an option

 advanced options

select system backup image

re image your backup

File History.

In last article we talked about tool making a complete copy of your entire system.  In this article we will look at different tools, which keeps contain only updating backup of curtain files this tool is called file history.

With file history you are not thinking about health of your entire system you just protecting files, your documents,   pictures music files and so on this can help you to recover files if your files lost are damaged or ever of you have accidentally delete files that you should not have.

Let’s up file setup from start.



File History


backup File History

You must have external hard drive for saving backup.


Understanding Restore is also necessary in Windows 10 Back Up and Restore article, because after Backup then restore is your second job.

If you have file history backup tool setup on your computer then you well protected event you might loose some files this means you have deleted files, or you should not have deleted  or you have edit files you should not have edited and you need to get older version file back you are not able to restore entire system configuration form file history backup but you can restore individual files.





backup file history

restor fiels from current backup

file history options


If you do not want to windows build in commands for backup.

Also in the market they are many third parties options for backup.


Manually you can save files into external hard drive.

Be careful when you can doing backup get your useful folders.

Windows 10 Tutorial for Beginners 69 Updates.




windows update

 windows update advanced options

windows 10 update advanced options




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