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Launching and Managing Windows 10 Apps

In this lesson, we will learn Launching and Managing Microsoft Windows 10 Apps, where I have discussed following topics.


  • Taskbar.
  • Start Menu.
  • Interface.
  • Quit.
  • Pinning.
  • Multitask.
  • Task view.
  • Tablet Mode.
  • Touch.


Customize the taskbar.

In this article, I want to familiar with taskbar and launching the application and you can launch applications from the start menu or the taskbar. But in this article, we want to focus launching applications specifically in the taskbar.


Start button.

Search bar.

Task View and also other icons.

At the corner right-hand size.

Action Center.

Date and Time.

Sound icon.

Wi-Fi sign.

In the case of laptop battery icon.

And there is little arrow when you click it some hidden programs will be shown, which are other system tools, may need access.

At the middle of the screen, there is file explorer, Microsoft Edge, and apps store.

How to launch programs from the taskbar.

If you want to launch the above program just click and the program will be launched.

You can also keep other programs.

Customizing the taskbar.

  • Right-click on the taskbar.
  • Setting.

 setting of taskbar

taskbar location

 Start menu

In this article, we will launch applications from the start menu.  Which will give you access all of the applications on your computer so open up from the start menu?

Click on the start button.

 start button


press windows key from the keyboard.

known as start key

 starting all programs

all programs of staring

We see here the power option where we can shut-down the computer.

We can access the setting from here.

There is also shortcut of File Explorer.

 recently added

Most used means: – listed of those programs which we have used recently. If you click on any program than it will be launched.

Recently added show: we have installed programs recently. You can also launch.


The boxes which appear on the right-hand side these are called tiles.

I can click any tiles to launch the corresponding application.

Just weather application.

Some tiles give information before launching.

Some tiles are live they show preview.

You can also turn off them just right-clicking.


For turn on the same, you can do by right click on it and more.

Turn live tile on.

To launch that application. Which is not appear in taskbar, tiles, and does not appear on when you click start I mean on the left-hand side.

So do the following steps.

Find those programs in alphabetic numbers.

 alphabetic numbers


Now you know how to launch applications. Now it is important to familiar with some common interface elements you are going see when working with windows.

There are two types of windows.

1 operating system (Capital W).

2 when you open any program its screen treats as the window.

When you drag, move, resize.

(03 buttons).

minimize, maximize, close.

 minimize, maximize, close

Some programs have menus, ribbon bar.

Some programs have menus, ribbon bar.


As we have seen before that quieting the applications finish is very easy.

Open any program use the close button ( ).

When you open any program and minimize it. You notice it that the current program is opened and available at taskbar with the line, as below image.

taskbar with line, as below image.

Pin and unpin.

 Pin and unpin

(pinned programs have not a white line).

To close any Minimized program by right-clicking on it.

 Minimized program by right clicking on

 Minimized program by right clicking on 2

Close application by shortcut. (this will not work for every application).

quit application


Let’s start getting start menu to customize so for, we will be able to launch applications from the taskbar or the live tiles from the Start menu but we only use the applications that by default is much more convenient if you can pin your favourite apps to start menu in the taskbar.

1.       Start Menu.

2.       Right-click on the program.



Drag any software.

Pressing and move to the taskbar.




Pinto start..

 Pin to start


Click on application and drag and drop to start.

 drag and drop to start

Rename the group.

 Rename the group 2

Change the size of tile.

Right click on tile.

Change the size of tile.

To turn title off.

Right click on tile.

To turn title off.

Any program unpin from start.


 Any program unpin from start


It was time when user was able to run one application at the time. Today idea seems completely crazy you defiantly can run multiple applications at the same time and jump between them. This is known as multi-tasking. So for multi-tasking, we need to open multi applications.


You open some programs like Weather, Microsoft Edge.

Weather, Microsoft Edge.

How we can control over this.

Which ever application windows on top of the stake is the currently active the application.

 quit application

using this short cut than current application will respond it.

When you pressed the key than you will notice that current application will be quit.

Keep it in mind others application will not respond only current application will respond.

I have opened multiple applications and I switch between this is called multi tasking.

There is also great way to switch between applications using the keyboard shortcut.

 switch between applications

 switch applications

Task view

 switch between applications

 task view

Tablet Mode.

 Tablet Mode

View mode will be changed.

 tablet mode screen



You have to come in Tablet mode and you have to switch on screen keyboard.

Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial

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