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Understanding Windows 10 Accounts.

Understanding Windows 10 Accounts.

If you are setting up your Microsoft windows 10 on your computer very first time. You should decide what type of user accounts in Microsoft Windows 10, you will use to log on to your computer. So,  you will need some accounts.

A Username and password which you will use to log on to your computer.  If you have the computer for while then you have already had user account if you have been assigned a computer by your employer then you probably already have an account setup there.

Windows 10 Accounts

Understanding the Login Account

So what is this user account all about?

On in one hand, it is security barrier of the computer. When you setup your computer account to establish username and password so if anybody picks up your computer than they will need a password before they can use the computer.


  • Security-Password Lock.
  • Multiple Users.

Another reason for an account that you can setup multiple users account on the same computer if you share the computer with somebody so each log in with its username and password when you use the computer and all of your files configuration stays separate most people only have one user account on the computer but multiple accounts are good option.

So you need have an account with name and password to use your computer and the username might be your email address but the real question is this.

 But you have to decide that what type of user account you are going to use. In there are two options

  1. Choose Microsoft online account then use your email address and password from your Microsoft online account as your name and password to your computer. If you have already Microsoft account or want to setup.

Windows 10 Accounts Types.

Microsoft Online Account(with Microsoft Account you can use following services and access other online services)

  •  MS Online Services
  • email
  • OneDrive

When you using the windows computer. Microsoft account requires some apps purchased from app store

App Store

  • Required for some apps

Local Account.

  • Anonymity
  • Public Workstations
  • Simplification

Account Types.

  • Microsoft Online Account
  • Recommended for individual
  • Connected with cloud services
  • Local Account
  • No Online Service

Existing Microsoft Account

  • Xbox live
  • Office 365

Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial

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