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Why YouTube.

In this article we will learn why YouTube is used. When you first decide to use video hosting platform to market your product or service or just make money online one of the first question you may ask that why should I use YouTube.

In any case, there are various purposes behind utilizing YouTube.

why YouTube

The first of them. 

We ought to comprehend YouTube Versus Other Video-Hosting Platforms.

Reasons to use YouTube.

1 reason to use youtube

Google is the largest search engine in the world. When somebody watches your videos YouTube which has been advertisement in front of it. 

  • Google actually makes money you as the create a make money but so google when YouTube videos are watch.
  • So, google best interests to display videos, hosted on YouTube in search engine results, so, you have two videos, one of them is hosted on Vimeo and one of them hosted on YouTube same video.
  •  When someone searches the video related topic on google than google going is try and get the YouTube one at the top of those results. Before the Vimeo.  Because its again best choice in interest of make money. So right of back by utilizing YouTube. You will help site design improvement in light of the fact that YouTube is own by Google.

YouTube has also huge market share all the streaming services. Netflix has largest market share. However, Netflix, does not let the users, upload their own content.

The entirety of the substance on Netflix either motion pictures or TV shows, clients can transfer irregular and showed on Netflix.

The video streaming services with second largest market share is YouTube.

More you can see from below image which tells figure and facts about market share of all the streaming services.

Why YouTube.

Video Streaming Market Share.

Measurements from an investigation by the web research firm Sandvine.

2 youtube market shre

Video Streaming market share.

  • Measurements from an investigation by the web research firm Sandvine.

YouTube does allow to users, to upload user generated content. The other videos hosting platform that allow to users generated content. Vimeo, Meta cafe, Daily Motion, not even statistic there is an whole 48% other but not even 1 or 2% of market share but so, by using YouTube already starting whether huge market share, and can really help you get messaging in front of, the people .

You are starting the services have the huge market services. And share. And can really help you get your massage in front of that people you are trying to reach.    

Social Network.

3 soical network

Why YouTube, Another reason to use YouTube is that it also social network. YouTube in Google+ are directly linked.

There are 1.6 billion Google+ accounts and 540 million month to month dynamic clients each and every month The following shutting hosing video administration that permits to you client created content is (Vimeo and it has as per its site 170 million watchers.).

So, you can see the YouTube already the huge community that allow you to attract subscribers from that community and start getting massage that without having the build the community from right scratch   .

  • YouTube is also a social network.
  • Google+ and YouTube are directly linked.
  • There are 1.6 billion Google+ accounts and 540 million Monthly dynamic clients (Vimeo has 170 million watchers).
  • Opportunity to attract subscribers.

YouTube Cares About Creators.

4 youtube care about creator

Why YouTube, Another great reason to use the YouTube. Is that YouTube cares about creators .

  • Creator help generate revenue for YouTube so, in the best interest to care about creator everything can help the creators. 
  • •YouTube offers a Rich arrangement of maker highlights, for example, playlists and progressed examination you can see who is seeing your recordings were they coming from alongside them watching them. Which video is giving your more endorsers there are huge loads of apparatuses you to utilize and improve your substance in recordings on YouTube later on.
  • The YouTube Platform is always being updated. YouTube always adds new features that listening their creators feedback and then they are releasing updates that related to the feedback. They receive from their users. so, you know that the getting into the platform. Where you matter. The maker truly thinks often about you will put forth a valiant effort to give rich highlights to utilize.
  • Creators help generate revenue for YouTube.
  • Rich arrangement of maker highlights, for example, playlist and progressed investigation Platform is always being updated.


5 Cost-Effective
  • YouTube is free to use.

YouTube is also Cost-Effective. There are number of videos hosting platforms out there. They Do they allow you user generated content. But they cost money that they charge monthly fees and do not have community that YouTube has. So, YouTube is free to use and already has huge community.


  • YouTube takes into account extraordinary openness in web crawlers as own by Google.
  • YouTube has a huge user base that function as a social network to aid and help in building a following.
  • YouTube is free to use.
  • YouTube’s creator tools are constantly being improved. To allow you to consonantly being improved.
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