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What is YouTube the Best Essential Guide

What is YouTube the Best Essential Guide?

Let’s get begin with YouTube Introduction and put YouTube in context with the massive image.

YouTube, it the Part of a brand-new era of net platforms: as we go deeper into defining it, it’s useful to take into account that plenty of methods.

An online video platform, it facilitates posting movies, to the Internet and sharing it with the people, to be clear, it is extremely possible.

YouTube is an online community (it is a place where people gather to watch the videos share videos and do comments on them.) Again, this is part of new generations of web applications.

That includes comments on social networks.

What is YouTube

That consists of a remark on social networks.

It can be Extensible as a result of It performs with others so, you should utilize YouTube as a video platform however nonetheless distribute the movies on (WordPress weblog, Facebook, Twitter, and More).

Because the extensible of platform implies that movies be embedded in varied methods.

YouTube is User Generated content material which suggests Created day-after-day by the customers.

YouTube is new day-after-day as a result of its customers are creating it.

So, a concept of why it’s doable context.  What YouTube is and the way it works in our present applied sciences.

 A Short History of YouTube.


What is its historical past and why ought to we care to know in YouTube Introduction article?

Well, its brief historical past and can assist us to know YouTube. If we wish to know the place it got here from and the way it advanced earlier than before let’s understand the technologies better will be more prepared.

Its continuously evolved future.

YouTube was created in 2005 by three people (who had been employed that in PayPal) the concepts were straightforward manner for folks to share movies on the net this was tremendously was in style and hundreds of thousands of individuals watching movies on YouTube a lot quicker than founder even in anticipated.

In 2006 Google acquired firm and since then YouTube is run subsidiary property of Google.

This is vital for finish customers. since you discover the integrations with google sing and Google’s different on-line merchandise could be very tide. Because in addition they personal YouTube.

Soon after that Google buy, we started to see promoting on YouTube and immediately promoting could be very built-in with advertisements that popups on the net interface in addition to video advertisements can run earlier than your movies.

 The expertise of YouTube persistently evolving and I imply that a number of methods, the platform for YouTube.

A very long time was flash however in the previous two to 3 years YouTube turned for Mobile units and extra forwarding pondering that taking place on the web.

equally, however, YouTube first began it has decrease decision. Then even customary definition tv immediately it handles excessive definition and likewise goes to 4k which is greater than you’ll discover in your tv.

So, as we use YouTube, we are able to anticipated to maintain evolving as expertise modifications the expertise turned what I name the issue customary immediately we wish to speak about YouTube.

It is a strong platform that just about everybody makes use of.

What is YouTube in More Detail?


YouTube is likely one of the most-watched video sharing platforms on the earth and it gives unimaginable alternatives for each advertising and marketing and income.

Developing and publishing video content material that may attain and affect a lot of viewers takes a radical understanding of how YouTube works, how the instruments and options in YouTube Studio could be leveraged, and extra perception into viewer preferences and SEO.

In this course, we’ll construct a YouTube channel from the bottom up, focus on what you possibly can anticipate to get out of publishing to YouTube, and go over one of the best practices for creating, modifying, and importing video content material.

When you first decide to use a video hosting platform to market your product or service or just make money online one of the first questions you may ask that why should I use YouTube.

But there are a number of reasons for using YouTube.

The first of them.

 We should understand YouTube Versus Other Video-Hosting Platforms.

What is YouTube the Best Essential Guide?


Know Reasons to use YouTube.

Reasons to use YouTube.

  • YouTube is owned by Google.
  • Google is the largest search engine in the world. When somebody watches your videos on YouTube which has been an advertisement in front of it.
  • Google gives to make money platform when YouTube videos are watched.
  • Google actually makes money you as the creator make money but so google when YouTube videos are watched.
  • Google will try to display videos from YouTube in search results before videos on other platforms.
  • So, google best interests to display videos, hosted on YouTube in search engine results, so, you have two videos, one of them is hosted on Vimeo, and one of them hosted on YouTube the same video.
  • When someone searches the video related topic on google then google going is try and get the YouTube one at the top of those results. Before the Vimeo.  Because it is again the best choice in the interest to make money.
  • So right of back by using YouTube.  You are going to help with search engine optimization because YouTube is own by Google.

Now in this YouTube Introduction article, I want to say that YouTube has also huge market share with all the streaming services.

Netflix has the largest market share. However, Netflix does not let the users upload their own content.

All of the content on Netflix either movies or TV shows, users can upload random and displayed on Netflix.

The video streaming services with the second largest market share is YouTube.

More you can see from the below image which tells figures and facts about the market share of all the streaming services.

Video Streaming Market Share.

Video Streaming Market Share.

Statistics from a study the internet research firm Sandvine.

Video Streaming market share.

  • Statistics from a study by the Internet research firm Sandvine.

YouTube does allow users, to upload user-generated content. The other video hosting platform that allows to users generated content.

Vimeo, Meta Cafe, Daily Motion, not even statistics there is a whole 48% other but not even 1 or 2% of market share but so, by using YouTube already starting whether huge market share and can really help you get messaging in front of, the people.

You are starting services that have huge market services. And share and can really help you get your message in front of those people you are trying to reach.

Social Network.

Social Network

Another reason to use YouTube is that it also a social network. YouTube in Google+ are directly linked.

There are 1.6 billion Google+ accounts and 540 million monthly active users every single month.

The next closing hosing video service that allows to you user-generated content is (Vimeo and it has according to its website 170 million viewers.)

So, you can see YouTube already the huge community that allow you to attract subscribers from that community and start getting the massage that without having the build the community from right scratch.

  • YouTube is also a social network.
  • Google+ and YouTube are directly linked.
  • There are 1.6 billion Google+ accounts and 540 million monthly active users (Vimeo has 170 million viewers).
  • Opportunity to attract subscribers.

YouTube Cares About Creators

YouTube Cares About Creators

Another great reason to use YouTube. Is that YouTube cares about creators.

  • Creator help generates revenue for YouTube so, in the best interest to care about creators everything can help the creators.
  • YouTube offers a Rich set of creator features such as playlists and advanced analytics you can see who is viewing your videos where they coming from along with them watching them.
  • Which video is giving your more subscribers there are tons of tools you to use and improve your content in videos on YouTube in the future.
  • The YouTube Platform is always being updated. YouTube always adds new features that listening to their creator’s feedback and then they are releasing updates that related to the feedback.

They receive from their users. so, you know that getting into the platform. Where you matter. The creator really does care about you are going to do your best to provide rich features to use.

  • Creators help generate revenue for YouTube.
  • Rich set of creator features such as playlist and advanced analytics.
  • The platform is always being updated.



  • YouTube is free to use.

YouTube is also Cost-Effective. There are a number of video hosting platforms out there. Do they allow your user-generated content.

But they cost money that they charge monthly fees and do not have the community that YouTube has. So, YouTube is free to use and already has a huge community.


The following points you got in the YouTube Introduction Article.

  • YouTube allows for great exposure in search engines as own by Google.
  • YouTube has a huge user base that functions as a social network to aid and help in building a following.
  • YouTube is free to use.
  • YouTube’s creator tools are constantly being improved. To allow you to consonantly being improved.

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