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What is Web Designer?

What is Web Designer?

It is a very easy question What is Web Designer? and the answer is Web designer are those who Design the web pages/website. The truth is, the term is many different things, to many different people.

What is Web Designer

What is Web Designer?

What type of content are you creating?

Combination of HTML CSS JS.

  • Images.
  • Streaming videos.
  • Playing audios.
  • Embedding web fonts.
  • Using plugins like flash.
  • All combination of above.

About functionality.

  • E-Commerce
  • Scripting to response user input
  • Putting information from databases
  • Another server site functionality
  • Or services require from other sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Google Maps.

If you look that advantages of web designing can seem little intimating, Many new web designers often just overwhelmed with the array of choices that have or all the knowledge seems like they need to master more than once somebody says to me does really learn all I need a simple website.

You do not need to learn everything probably you do specialize in one area or another but the truth is if you do not know how web works, who are you trying to reach the technology involved to create your web contents, it is possible your site can not be successful whether it is simple or not.


  • Scripting involves to response user input.
  • Getting information from databases.
  • Other server site functionality.
  •  Require services from other sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google maps.

Imagine for the moment need to build a bridge.

bridge 1

bridge 2

bridge 3

Your website like a bridge without really understanding all of that going on behind everything how properly structured your site.

Your site is the same way. you should understand what is going on behind it. How properly structured your site?

Does Designing mean you have to learn each and everything before you start to create a website?

“No” No exactly.

Front End Design.

The web designer has to learn.

Front and Design includes.

  • Developing the visual part of websites.
  • Controls typography, layout, colour, and graphics.
  • Also, responsible for site planning, user interaction, user experience, and client-side scripting.

Very few web designers are able to everything as I mentioned. The large portion front end designing requires minimum scripting, little know the programming

I also would like to point out very few web designers able to do everything I mentioned.

Most specialize areas in the complement their skills sets or interested the most.

Most of the web designers work in:

A large portion of Front end designing requiring minimal scripting little knows the programming at all.

I would like also point out that very few web designers are able to do everything as I mentioned most specialize areas that complete their skills.

Set or they interested them in most from there others skills usually acquired based on typo sites they work on the features that sites need I call this just time in learning.

It is often the type of training most web designers get so there is in one clear set of skills that define.

Exactly what is a web designer is obviously designing and building a website is at the core what is the mean call yourself a web designer but you can find as you begin the web design.

You are drawn curtain areas of over and other perhaps you work on projects they are required curtain mixture of skills that you need to learn there is nothing wrong with that fin that most web designers going to specialize in one area over another just like human nature but regardless if you dedicated yourself so learning the as much as you can why spectrum web design you are going to retain a certain amount of control entire web designing process and them with current changing nature of web design.

Is web designing right for you?

Before you spend much time in learning the nuts and bullets of web design you really should ask yourself one question that Do I want or need a professional web designer?

Many times, I spoke with individuals. who are full time professional other than web design but none the less you need to create, edit, or manage a website? These people are unlikely to have the time or explanation master the ins and out of web design

Working Professionals: Invested in a career other than web design, but still many need to occasionally edit or create web content.

Hobbyists: Interested in web design, but not as a full-time pursuit.

Professional Web Designer: Becoming a professional web designer requires as much focus, time, and effort as any other profession. It is not something you can become fluent in without a serious time commitment.

Alternate ways to create web content

Hire a web designer.

A professional web designer or agency will be able to build what you’re looking for quickly and with a greater chance of success than trying to tackle it yourself.

Alternate ways to create web content.

Template-based site.

There are a number of template-based options for creating sites that you could turn to Blog and social media, low-cost or free blogs, and social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook allow you to get your message online quickly and without needing any technical skills.






There is no shortcut to use below technologies.  Learn HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT.

Becoming A Professional Web Designer.

There are NO Shortcuts. Be prepared to learn HTML, CSS, an JavaScript and to commit to the amount of time necessary to become proficient is not only the technology, but the concepts of quality web design as well.


Designer is a designer who is strong in the core set of web design skills and has experience in the planning, building, and testing phases of developing sites.

Core Skills:





Visual Designer.

These are designer Who primarily concerned with the visual aspect of web design. Color, typography, layout, and graphics creations are their primary skills.






UX Designer

User experience

Designer who focuses on human behavior and interaction and create designs that enable greater user experiences.

Core Skills.




I want to clear that UX designer is not visual designer this decided just use that term.

A true UX designer is someone who study human behavior  and design accordance with them. Often UX designers have no web skills at all and use the consultant to help site creating  a user focus experience regardless make sure that really understand what is UX design means so that you are approaching disappoint correctly .

Interactive Designer.

Designer who focuses on creating interfaces that are interactive with their users and behave in a way that fosters effectiveness.

Core Skills.




JS framework.


Motion Graphics Designer

Designer who focus on creating interfaces that are integrative with their users and behave in a way that fosters effectiveness.

Core Skills.





Front End Developer

Designer/Developer hybrid who controls site logic and behavior through client-side scripting.

Core Skills



JS frameworks.

CMS Specialist.

Animator who delivers content thought the web or uses animation to crate games or compelling user interfaces.

There are NO shorts Be prepared to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and to commit to the amount of time necessary to become proficient in not only the technology, but the concepts of quality web designs as well.

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