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What is URL Address

What is URL Address?

What is URL Address? A URL means (Uniform Resource Locator) who contains more detail than a domain. Address of any blog or website is used on any web browser. Domains and URLs may look similar, But they’re not similar. 

0 Address bar

A website is basically a set of connections and respective web files such as HTML pages, CSS and Javascript files, images, and more.

The URL tells you the exact location of any of these internet resource files. In fact, the Domain Name is a part of the URL.

If you only enter the domain name, then it’s really pointing to the homepage which by default will be the origin level index.html file?

Let’s say this is our website’s directory.

1 URL structure

There are a few HTML files, a PDF, and a folder named directory. If you type in the only domain as the Purlin your browser’s address bar, it will automatically navigate to the root index.html file. This Is the Reason Why it’s important to name your homepage index.html and add it in the root folder.

Other information Which Can Be Contained in URLs That the Directory route to a certain webpage. Simply add the page file name, for example, extension following a forward slash. You can link to any web resource as well.

2 url structure with file.

Just like a PDF.

3 url strucure

You’re not restricted to just linking to pages.  You can Also incorporate a directory name into the URL.

4 url strucuture

What is URL Address.

The directory is just a folder contained within the primary root directory. If your URL contains only the directory name, the host automatically navigates to an index.html file when it exists.

If you want to navigate to particular within the directory, Then add the file name after the directory name. Each time you move down a degree, Insert a forward slash.

5 URL structure

HTTP is short for Hyper Transfer Protocol.

It defines a language for clients and servers to communicate with each other and exchange info.

HTTP is included in the entire URL, but contemporary browsers no longer require you to type it in your browser’s address bar.

6 http coding

HTTP nevertheless needs to be contained inside her feature for a hyperlink.

HTTPS protocol,

You may also observe an HTTPS protocol,

 short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS includes another layer of secure encryption which essentially scrambles the data to make it safer when transmitted on the internet.

This is commonly used for shopping banks or sites, Since sensitive data, such as your financial information is being sent. Thus, if you are not sure which to use for your HTML links, simply visit the website and copy the URL.

When you glue it, it will automatically include The HTTPS or HTTP, based on how that website is set up. Let us give that a try.

So, in the browser we can’t see What type of protocol it’s, but when I simply copy it, and glue it into any editor, you can see that I possess the HTTP protocol.

But if I go into the LinkedIn website, I can see it is a secure protocol, but when I copy it and then paste it into a text editor, it will also copy the protected protocol. For websites that use the HTTPS protocol, should you type in HTTP with no Sit will automatically redirect?

But if you type in HTTPS for a Website that does not utilize the secure protocol, you will get an error. Thus, to recap, A Domain Name is your unique address for your website.

It contains a top and second-level domain name and may optionally include a subdomain. A URL includes The domain, but can also provide extra information, like where the Specific web resource is situated and the transfer protocol.

Below I have the examples of HTTPS.



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