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Twitter Basic Training


What is Twitter?

Understanding Twitter & Micro-Blogging.

What is Twitter? Twitter is considered a micro-blogging social network. A micro-blog comprises of brief entry with no special text formatting in twitter case brief means your entries must be 280 characters.

It is a global social network. Millions of users having conversations. These microblogging entries or tweets are posting in real-time.

Because of this Twitter is evolved into service they tell you real-time.  What is going on?

You can use this social network to discover new music and find out current roles happening trends and you can even find out about local happening like schools’ results all by finding out what’s the source of local attractions in your area. Who already using Twitter and following them?

You can scroll down and read the tweets the people brand who share similar interests with or you can directly to the profile page any particular Twitter user or brand.

What is Twitter?

Microblogging is a new method of communication in which users can define their present position in short posts circulated by instant messages, mobile phones, email or the Web.

Twitter, a widespread microblogging tool has seen a lot of growth since it launched in October 2006.

We find that people use microblogging to talk about their everyday happenings and to seek or share information.

In conclusion, we examine the user aims related at a community level and show how users with alike intentions connect with each other.

Micro Blogging entries or tweets posted in real-time.

Twitter can tell in what’s gone in real-time.

You can use Twitter to discover your music, finding out what’s currently happening, and also find local happening, like school (local attractions in your area.)

They are already using them and following them. Direct you can any Twitter user profile or brand profile.

World Politicians, celebrities, brands, space agencies like NASA, cable, and TV stations, also the star of Shows, Newspapers and more.

Twitter is the way to get the world’s voice. You can send a tweet to the President of the USA, even writer of your favourite TV shows.

Every day millions of people sending tweets.

Everyone has a different interest. Where all have different conversations. That’s why it makes it so great.

Learning Twitter Terminology

Twitter has owned the terminology for usage.

Let’s go over that terminology. So, if you even need help. Which is located on the left-hand side.

1 help center

What do you want to try? This can also be used is a high-level overview. How Twitter works. That will be going everything much more detail over the course.

Twitter consists of one 280 characters that updates called tweets. I can compose the tweet, by clicking on the tweet button which is located on the right-hand side upper corner.

2 tweet button

Want to create a new tweet click on the Tweet button or click inside what’s happening box and typing.

3 tweet box

My tweet other people who want to see my real-time tweet can choose to follow me on tweeter. This means that every tweet cost added their timeline in chronological order with other tweeter users their following this is the timeline.

4 tweeter images

It never-ending scrolling that tweets the people currently following if I follow a new user that is choosing to see the real-time status update. The timeline gets an update, with real-time tweets those people in chronological order with my other followers, as I decide to un-follow other users that tweets removed from the timeline.

I can visit person or brand profile directly when I visit their profile, I can see just their tweets, I can see profile photo posted, I can also see the bio, finally, I can add hast tag to my tweet. Which is pound or number sign? This is going to categorized my tweets, and make it easy for anybody else in the world to see my tweet on that particular topic or subject. That has been # tag. About hashtag.

As I follow to the user see their real-time status, then I have to click its Twitter name.


Profile photo.

5 profile photo

Un-follow tweets are removed from the timeline.

6 unfollow

If I can visit anyone’s profile I can see its tweets.

7 see tweets

Navigating the Interface

Let’s go over the main Twitter interface. I am on and once you logged in, this is your Twitter screen what is look like.

8 Navigating the interface

At the very top left-hand side of the screen. You can click on the Home tab: return to your main Twitter timeline.

On the second you see notification bar tells you if anybody replying to your tweets or re-tweeted it that resend out to their followers.

Notifications will be increased if somebody has done these things, you also get notified.

Here if somebody has sent you a direct message which we will talk about later.

9 On second you see notification bar

Search on Twitter.

You can search for Twitter this bar.

You can also click on your profile photo to view your profile.

11 profile

12 lists

13 more

Work with the list and also get the help and log out to Twitter and you can also change the twitter settings.

14 log out

You can click on the tweet button.

15 tweet button

which is located at the centre right-hand side. By clicking this button any time you can compose the tweet instantly.

The who is follow bar will tell some interesting people they like to follow. Based on your web browsing history or your context. It may show up on the right-hand side of your screen also.

16 follow bar

On the below right-hand side of the screen, we have a trend bar the trend bar contains the hashtags and topics, that the entire world currently talking about, you can change this that only shows trends from your local region.

17 trend bar

Below that all the links are available who are related to the Twitter company itself.

18 twitter links

About Profile.

19 profile image

Profile says about you, you can see your profile picture and header photo and your Twitter name, when you click on it, then it will bring you to your profile, you can see how many tweets you have done.

To how many people you are following and How many people are following you.   That having your tweets show up on their Twitter timeline.

At the centre of the screen below you see photos and videos tweeted and the middle I can see all the tweets.

 I can also see how many people that particular user following.

Who the followers are.

20 tweets & replies

You see also Tweets.

  • Tweets & replies.
  • Media.
  • Likes.

I can click on these links if I want to see who the particular user following. I can click on the following link. I see the direct list, everybody, that following.

At any time back to the main Twitter timeline click the home icon.

 The top left-hand side of the screen. That’s how you navigate the around Twitter.

Edit Profile.

21 Edit Profile

Click on my Edit Profile.

 A Twitter profile contains the header picture, a profile picture, a bit of Twitter, location, website and birth date.

22 whats happending

In the middle of the screen, I can create a tweet from the very middle top of the screen by clicking in what’s happening box.

23 more tweets options

I can scroll down my timeline and read my tweets these are all tweets are appearing to people that I am currently following and, in my timeline.

I can see the date when it was tweeted. I can re-tweet. I can also see the reply. Some tweets have photos that have them. Some contain links, some contain hashtags.

Signing up for a Twitter account.

Let’s get started right at the very beginning creating a Twitter account when you point out your pointer on

If you are not currently signed in. this screen you will see you can log in existing account bottom right-hand side of the screen but here, we have to click on sign up link top right-hand side of the screen.

24 Signing up for a Twitter account

23 Signing up for a Twitter account 2

25 Signing up for a Twitter account 3

26 Signing up for a Twitter account 4

27 Signing up for a Twitter account 5

28 Signing up for a Twitter account 6

29 Signing up for a Twitter account 7

30 Signing up for a Twitter account 8

31 Signing up for a Twitter account final

congratulations: you have created an account.

Now we all done with Twitter, I have twitter an account, @computertaleem, and my Twitter name,

To allow other people to view my feed

it is going to take people to my twitter page.

If I need to log out any reason, I can log out by clicking on more

32 more opitons

33 logout

Posting is done end here.

Following other users.

When we created our account last previously, this is where we ended up. To get the timeline.

Some accounts that Twitter has suggested here.

Who to follow?

34 Who to follow

When you will click on who to follow then click at the bottom show more. See in the below image.

35 show more

Twitter suggests.

Or you can type

  1. Go to your web browser.
  2. Type (after giving full URL of Twitter website then put forward slash then brand or company name or any name which you want to follow.

37 other brand twitter

If you wish to follow any twitter name then you have to click on the Follow button.

38 follow

39 unfollow

When you will click on the follow button then it will be converted in the following. It means you are following.


In case un-follow. When you hover over on the following button then the button will be converted in unfollowing in red button.

I will tweet who I have followed.

Few other ways to follow people.

40 follow people

You would see tweets in the timeline.

You can also follow emails.

41 follow by email

Enter the profile name in the browser.

42 edit profile

For website.

Go any website and see below

43 go any website

If we follow a celebrity or high profile so how can get verification that he is the real persona or woman.

The verification sign is.

44 twitter verification sign

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