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What is SQL?

What is SQL?

In this article, we will learn what is SQL, SQL means Structured Query Language and it is used to manage and retrieve information from databases.

Web applications typically use it for updates, creates, delete and retrieve information from relational databases.

Relational databases are the most common forms of data storages by web applications. Relational databases store relatively data in one or more tables.

what is SQL

Using simple SQL queries web applications can parse and uses that data in the application.

What is SQL?

SQL uses symbol logical syntax, which is very easy most people learn common statement inserts, update, and delete very easy to retrieve and manipulate data and Structured Query Language can be refined to filter data set even further or jointly related tables create together large data set.


Take the simple SQL query as you might imagine. This request will analyze the data in A table and finds a Price below 200.

While Structured Query Language is relatively easy to learn.

A few things about Structured Query Language.

  • Basic Structured Query Language is easy to learn, but different variations of SQL require specific syntax.
  • SQL is typically found and used within web applications or database management applications.
  • Most Web designers should have a basic working knowledge of Structured Query Language.

They are many dedicated applications. Who used Structured Query Language to manage the database and many web applications use database management application.

Such as MySQL to control data within the application itself. Most of you have more information about the SQL you ever learn.

Do web designers need to know the Structured Query Language?

The short answer is No, web developers and web programmers write the code and perform most static manipulation within your sites. 

However once a smaller site you need to perform simple web application scripting. Basic knowledge of Structured Query Language is a good thing.

Most web designers should have a basic working knowledge of Structured Query Language.

It is a good idea for a new web designer to spend some time in simple queries and coming comfortable syntax. This will make life easier before you ever manipulate the query within your application and tackle basic data manipulation yourself.

Learning Structured Query Language.

  • There are multiple versions of SQL, each with its own extensions.
  •  Structured Query Language is usually written other web application code.
  • Dedicated applications like my Structured Query Language can help you create and manage databases.
  • Although web designers don’t need to become fluent in SQL, understanding the basics is important.


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