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Understanding What is SERP.

What is serp

what is serp, means ( search engine results pages).  when you type and keyword/query in any search engine, the results which you see in response to your keyword/query that is SERP.


Before we know how your website shows in search results, it is essential to be familiar with what those results actually look like.

Though there a lot of search engines available around the world, and they all have approximately separate differences, there are some mutual features that their search engine results pages, or SERPs, may have.

See Paid v/s Organic in SERP.

2 Piad and organic

One thing that we’re maybe going to find, are some paid listings.

Paid listings are very changed then the old-style organic or natural listings that we’ll be directing on for our SEO efforts.

These paid listings are actually advertisements and lists like Google’s AdWords and other programs allow advertisers to bid on and place these ads on the search results page.

What is SERP (A Typical Search Engine Results Page.)

A typical search engine results page will have 10 organic results that link out to changed web pages.

3 serp 10 pages

4 serp 10 pages 2

5 serp 10 pages 3

Each result might appear a little changed, but they’ll all have at minimum a headline, a description, and a visible URL. It’s important to see what these components look similar, because later in this course, we’ll be modifying and optimizing these particular elements that may appear for an individual result.

One significant thing to point out is that the Internet has transformed a lot since search engines first looked, and there’s a lot of content on the web outside just text and web pages.

Search engines have done a good work of keeping step, and while we still view web page results, they’ve also started returning things like video, images, products, and maps on a search engine results page.

6 search engine results pages 2

7 search engine results pages

A common method of relating this would be that we now have mixed search results that include all kinds of different content.

Sometimes the mixed results will have a group of video clips that match a user’s search query, or it might show a list of local businesses accompanied by a map. It could be a set of images and charges for a specific product that you can buy.

Social signals allow search engines to return more personalized results, like news articles that your friends have shared.

These results can show up in a variety of different ways, based on what the search engines think is relevant and appropriate to the user’s search query.

The important thing to think of is that you have a lot of chances to have your content show up in the search engine results pages. And the more you understand how search engines decide to show results to users, the more you’ll understand how to get the search engines to show your content above the rest.

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