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What is LMS?

In this lesson, We will Learn about What is LMS? Hi and welcome to Learning Management System (LMS) Fundamentals course. I’m Mohammad Ramzan from,  throughout this course we will cover the foundation and choosing an appropriate learning management system course.

For your organization’s learning needs, we will look at the roles of LMS in the learning environment, and help the students and instructors, interact with the system.

What is LMS

You will also dive into how to best select the Learning Management System, best practices for utilizing LMS best for learning, and a quick overview of some of the industries learning management system is available.

Whether you are hoping better understanding of your current learning management system some about implement or start E-Learning been class.

So, what is exactly is LMS?

(Learning Management System)

how lms works

Let’s get started by exploring what is exactly the Learning Management System is? It is essentially a digital learning environment and it manages all aspects of the learning process.

Inside that system, you can communicate your learning objectives.

You can also organize a learning timeline and tell to the learners exactly what to need to learn and when?

What is LMS?

The real power of LMS also gives the ability to deliver the learning content.  Many Learning Management systems have built-ins accessing and track learning.

That learners only see their improvement and instructors also have the ability to communicate the effeteness of learning back to learners themselves and this brings this communication.

One of the most powerful things is in the Learning Management System, the ability to create streamlined communication between instructors and learners.

LMS allows you to provide ongoing resources often learning process is the static moment in time and learners need to have access to learning well be in training.

A digital learning environment to manage all aspects of the learning process.

  • Communicate objectives.
  • Organize learning timelines.
  • Deliver content.
  • Assess and track learning.
  • Communicate with learners.
  • Provide ongoing resources.

Now several key players in an LMS. That is the instructor and learners.

You can see the Instructor side. You might have an administrator and teacher or director or instructor and the LMS might have different functions and rows for each level.

But regardless of the title and the row instruct is the one.

Facilitate learning, create a learning environment, and understand the outcome which comes from learning.  Also, share the progress of learners.

On the learner’s side.

Learners use the Learning Management System to access content whether they are watching videos inside the Learning Management System or simply searching the syllabus online they would go to Learning Management System to figure out what they need to learn and then follow the learning path build in Learning Management System.

They can use the Learning Management System to contact their instructors now do some LMSs have chat-like features or you literally chat with your instructor in real-time.

Most LMSs give the ability to rate your instructor’s rate means assignment. This feedback learners to instructors.

Throughout this course, I talk about certain LMSs and what roles and functions that LMS performs for certain learning environments.

Whether you K-12 teacher or college instructor or co-operate trainers that the LMS can accommodate functions and activities you need inside the LMS.

What is K-12 in

What is LMS lesson?

The k-12, this term is used in education technology in the US, Canada, and possibly other countries and it is a short form of publicly supported school grades and also for college. Which means 1st to the 12th (1 to 12 class).

What is LMS & Why Learning Management System?

As you are starting the exploring whether or not LMS right for you or your organization, keep in mind all of the ways LMS can be utilized now typically most of us think.

We think of the “Schools” learning management system. That the students are in the schools and students have certain learning goals be managed and The LMS can defiantly manage those goals.

However, we also see the increasing number of businesses that use the learning management system well.

For example.

Your organization has new software you may want to train your employees to use software and your employees may be all over the world.

Whereas the learning management system allows you to centralize the learning and broadcast learning to employees needed.

Another way to understand the Learning Management System to use in a co-operate world.  For example: employees have to need specific training in certain industries.

The LMS can not only disseminate training it can also track the progress of the training.

Let’s explore all the ways we can use the learning management system.

  1. Online learning: LMS can allow us to create a digital website (we can upload a learning variety of material, whether the resources, quizzes, even the syllabus for the leanings goals that we have. Students can access that material online.
  2.  One thing in the LMS also does that which is valuable that tracks the learning progress. The learners can only log on and see that what they have learned, they can also see what need to learn.
  3. A lot of LMSs we can take look at these later lessons also give the ability to build sensitive rewords in tracking learning progress. For example: in some LMSs that the learners can earn badges when they have accomplished tasks.
  4. The Learning Management System also gives and provide digital learning tools. Whether integrating videos, interactive learning modules, the Learning Management System can handle all of the packages. The Learning Management System typically provides us the skill to create quizzes that we also test the learners for talent.
  5.  Another valuable tool that Learning Management System can help in handling learners communication. Often you got the instructor they need to communicate the learners can it can be really challenging when we send the emails. Many learners get to benefit from the rest of the class. Things such as a discussion board allow you to communicate to fly in a way in can benefits all of the learners in utilizing the Learning Management System and helps saves time for instructors.
  6.  Finally, some time that we have training valuable we can sell that training (class content)to the people. Many of the LMSs available today have built-in filters to allow to sell the contents or sell the courses we create through the Learning Management System. We take a look at selling content in the coming lessons.

Now we have explored a little bit of what is the Learning Management System and What Learning Management System can do for us.  Let’s go dive into selecting a Learning Management System and take a look at a few LMSs that are available.

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