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What is LinkedIn? 

What is LinkedIn? 

So, What is LinkedIn? It is the world’s largest online social network for professionals. It offers tools that design the specifications to help you find the job, promote your business, identify key opportunities and it allows you to build and maintain professional relationships.

When you create a profile on LinkedIn you are basically building a resume. The resumes allow to you feature your experience linked your work and secure your recommendations for colleagues.

Once you setup up in LinkedIn you begin to build connections, and those connections are instrumentals in expanding your network.

Seasons to business professionals often say it is not who you know, and who knows you and your LinkedIn connections in open doors.

Think you like going to traditional networking even and bringing with you a group consisting of every person you know in the business round.

If you meet up with the person you want to network with and they recognized with so and so when you run on the rush, they are more likely to engage you.

The way translate LinkedIn is called to grease the connectivity.

What is LinkedIn?

1 connectivity

So, your immediate colleagues are first degree connections, their immediate colleagues become your second colleagues’ connections and so on provide you with three degrees of connectivity.

LinkedIn boasts over 200 Million users and as such the entire network benefits from LinkedIn got ability LinkedIn is often the first result when you search for professionals.

I demonstrate by searching myself in Google as you can see LinkedIn popup first or second and sometimes the first position.

2 linked position in google

 This also highlights an important reason to develop a LinkedIn profile   since its way to control digitally identity

Joining LinkedIn able you to manage your professional efficiency, build a digital resume and establish long-lasting networks to guide you toward your professional goals.

Setting up a new profile

What is LinkedIn?

Setting up the LinkedIn profile relatively straight forward but I would like to point out details that will help you with a strong foundation

here on LinkedIn.

3 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile

On the right-hand side.

You can click on Join Now.

4 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 2

So, we begin to start putting your email and password. Click on Agree and Join.

5 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 3

After clicking and Agree and Join button you would see below image.

When you decide you want to pick something you use professionally. One selecting the password. Pick a strong password.

6 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 4

After giving the first name and last name. you also want to think that name you would like to use.

Make sure you pick the right name for the LinkedIn profile.

Click the Continue button.

Now, on the next screen, it asks some basic information. Like:

  • Country.
  • Zip code.

7 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 5

Give country name including zip code.

You also notice that some countries with come postal code.

Click to Next Blue Button.

You have also three options for your status.

8 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 6

  1. Most recent job title.
    1. If you select this option then you have to give your job title.
  2. Most recent company.
    1. The most recent company you have joined. Give here the name of that company.
  3. I’m Student.

When you select a different box. You should notice that the information you requested changed. You go and fill the information according to your needs.

9 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 7

10 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 8

11 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 9

In this case, I am keeping the following information.

11 Setting up a new profile 9

you can set according to your requirements. (remember you can changes/modify later on)

Click the continue button.

LinkedIn asks you to put your email address and password. After giving your username and password you can click on the sign-in button.

13 Setting up a new profile 11

As you can see in the inbox you email for confirmation open email and click on confirm link.

14 Setting up a new profile 12

Click on Agree & Confirm.

Next LinkedIn asks you to add your email contacts to see who you already know on LinkedIn.

I can escape this step.

15 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 13

16 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 14

17 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 15

LinkedIn now offering us the app to download.

18 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 16

You can escape the step.


19 Setting up a new LinkedIn profile 17

Skip this step also.

20 Setting up a new profile 18

Now I have created and verified the LinkedIn account. You on your way to effetely using one of the biggest social media sites.

Exploring the LinkedIn  Interface.

Navigating LinkedIn is primarily achieved to use the top of the navigation bar. This area contains links to the most commonly visited sections.

21 Exploring the LinkedIn interface

At the top of the screen, you notice that LinkedIn loge. If any time you want to turn on the home screen. Where we are now at this time. Simple the click the logo of LinkedIn and you will be taken there.

22 Exploring the LinkedIn interface 2

At the center of the screen, we have the search dialogue.

23 Exploring the interface 3

You also notice when you click on is search box then we see several options that will help refine or search I would talk about these options in later lessons.

24 Exploring the LinkedIn interface 4

Just right side of search you notice that there is a dark section that has several text navigation options.

25 Exploring the LinkedIn interface 5

  • Home.
  • Profile.
  • Network.
  • Jobs.
  • Interest.

When you click on any option then you will notice that the screen is being changed.

After the right side of navigation links, there is the option of me. When you click on it you would see many options.

26 Exploring the LinkedIn interface 6

27 Exploring the interface 7

See profile click on view Profile.

You can manage Account settings and other settings also. We will explore and learn each option in next coming lessons.

Navigating LinkedIn fundamentals scale so I encourage you to take time and play around with navigation familiar with various pages.

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