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What is keyword in SEO

What is keyword in SEO or Keywords term like, are the way of people think in short format, people are inspired by ideas, they have questions, they want to know just something, and the behaviours change dramatically, in the age of search engine, because we have answers immediately on fingertips?

What is keyword in SEO

SEO keywords.

keywords are submissions of people thoughts into action on the keyboard.

keyword thoughts into action on

91% of all adults go to search engine nearly every day in order to find information. When we look what people to online the number one thing that people do is that search they use the search engine as a gateway to find the information they want and need a daily basis.

Even if we look at other activities that people perform online they still use a search engine in order to find this information, information such as looking for information about their hobby.

Looking for maps, checking the weather,  looking for product reviews, or stay or local news or information.

People use search engines as a way of accessing a vast amount of information are widely available on the internet.

keyword audit

seo keyword results

seo results part

What is keyword in SEO

What is Keyword Optimization?

  • Ultimately keywords are submissions people needs, as they typed in search engines.
  • They’re also the ideas that the people have they may not be willing to act on those ideas but they want to know what’s know out there what is a good place to start in searching for information about the vacation or declaration ideas.
  • Also, just a basic question that comes up throughout the day in the house sold and an office, they need an answer.
  • Search engines have also become part of our normal life when it comes, whether it is exploring product or vacation or even for school. The search engine is the first place that we go to.
  • But ultimately when we try to search for any these things, we are efficient.
  • How we phrase those searches. In order to type a few words possible to access the most amount of information part possible.

more about keywords

So, now we have to learn keyword inside in matching.

The phrases people use that the answers people want we want to deliver to them. The product and the information or the ultimate goals. What they are looking for. Based on limited information gives us. What they type in the search bar.

 match seo results,

Also, we want to develop keyword insides, understanding the simply because they start with one word, they are west applications. What the actually means beyond a singular word.

How that then determines how they use a website. What word most important to them and we can combine. The behaviour-based on understanding the keyword phrase that they have typed in search engine.

We stand the better chance of connecting them to the ultimate goal and we are than able to build our business.

develop keyword insights

So, the life cycle of the keyword and what we are covering in this lesson.

 keyword life cycle

  • That is finding the keywords that will best match. The searcher to your business.
  • We are also going to evaluate keywords and standing which one is important and which is not so important.
  • Prioritize keywords, how to build the strategy and which one is going to deliver to right kind of customers to our business.
  • Then how to implement how these keywords, into our website. To increase our visibility in search engines.
  • Ultimately how the measure those keywords to ensure that we are choosing keywords and we searching right searchers to our business and helping to grow.

How Search Engine Works. (What is keyword in SEO)

When we talk about keyword strategy, the fundamental thing we need to remember that it is all dependent upon on search engines.

how seo works

The search engines provide the means to reach searchers. So, ultimately we are the mercy of search engines and developing any type of keyword strategy. The only thing you can do is a fact search engines and hopefully in a way favourable for you.

Critical to this is understand how the search engine works and we come down to is that the search engine needs to access the information on your website in order to measure you properly to assist relevance.

Now fundamentals part of how the search engine works is that rely on software program to visit your website and download the contents that there.

The software program we usually refer to as a bot/spider/crawler the couples different words we use.

Ultimately same thing because the search engine does they find your website through a link on another website. The find a page through that link. Then download that page and finds the links other pages on your website and then requests the rest of the page that they find and then download them to search engine server.

Understanding Bot, Spider, and Crawler (What is keyword in SEO)

  1. A bot.
  2. Spider.
  3. Crawler.

bot spider crawler

This comes to surprise to a lot of people.

seo working image

What the search engines are doing, is that finding all the pages on your website, downloading them to the server and when you doing a search for anything on the search engine, you are not searching alive internet.

What are you searching, is the database of the search engines with the ranking of the algorithm applied and what do you receive or the results based on all of the copies of websites that contain in the database search engines?

architecture links words

So, our first issue in developing keywords understanding that the architecture is critical components, how well our website built. Because our website builds poorly the search engines will not be able to access all of the pages. On the websites.

We can do many things and block them but we want to make sure the architecture is open and the search engine can get through see the links go to from page to page also to other websites and then we download the pages.

See the words in the code and contents. so that they can look and see what that website about. What is this page is about and how text up comparing to other websites.

The search engines will then deliver information based on how you search. The combination of search used in the search box can also let the search engine to determine what type of information you are looking for and return result immediate best on that.

 google search

 In Google, we start typing any word/query/you also noted as soon as you tying than the words are changing.

google searching with options

Paid v/s Organic.(What is keyword in SEO)

 paid and organic

You notice that when the result comes there is a map, we have paid or organic or both result and if we continue to scroll down, we can see many results of organic or paid for search query/word.

Paid:- These Results are those results which are taken by using Google AdWords. Using Paid Campaign. (Ads by Google).

Organic: These results are those which are taken by using the Search Engine Optimization process. These results are natural.

Suppose I change my search.

You will see a different result, like the map of the location, instead of organic result we also can see the direct result. If we see in the organic result, we can see more information as well as reviews about the searching query.

If you want to see the specific query.

 specific query

So, type in google specific location any?

 specific queries

Once we add a specific location (any) then we see a specific location on the right-hand panel. We see the directions, reviews, the phone number, and on the left-hand side.

Keywords Change Results (What is keyword in SEO)

We see more information about the query. Also, we have immediate access to photos. Because we are looking for a specific place now the reviews to be more heavily favored in the results.

keyword change result

As Search Engine the first responsibilities are there to help the searchers find the information, they want we can see the bottom of search result page that the suggestions that they use to help searchers focus more tidily on the information that is important to them.

The search engine first focus is the searcher and you can only affect those results but we are going to learn. How you can do that and target the right searchers.

 search engine assistant searchers

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