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What is Internet?

What is Internet? The Internet is a collection of different resources on computers around the world connected together via a standard protocol.

what is internet

The Internet is:

·       A collection of a large number of data networks connected together.

·       A collection of Computers, Routers, LANs, and WANs.

·      The largest network using TCP / IP protocol.

·       The fastest growing network of networks.

·       The biggest electronic reservoir of information.

TCP and IP.

TCP / IP, for Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol, is the standardized set of computer guidelines (protocols) that allow the different computer on different networks to communicate with each other efficiently.


E-mail implies the exchange of messages electronically through computers that are interconnected by data transmission lines – like on the Internet.

Internet E-Mail works.

Internet E-Mail works through E-mail Server located in the Internet Host of the ISP. The E-mail server takes care of the transmission and reception of messages to and from the internet.

The communication between the user’s PC and ISP’s E-Mail server is managed by the Client E-mail program running on the user’s PC.

E-Mail Address.

The e-mail address consists of a string of alphanumeric characters separated by special characters like “@” (pronounced as “at”) and “.” (pronounced as “dot”).


WWW is a collection of documents that are linked together in an almost endless manner. The links from a document terminate on other documents which have links to other documents and so on.

What is more, the other documents on which the links terminate may not the same website and may actually be resident on another website that may be located several thousands of kilometres away in another country. Similarly, further links from that document to other documents of kilometres away is another country thousands of kilometres away and so on.

What is Internet?

If one is able to trace, all the links that originate from various documents and follow them through their further second level third level and so on level links from the website to website, it will create a crisis- cross of lines spanning all over the globe that would look something like a spider web that too covering the entire world! Hence the name – World Wide Web!


HyperText is a highlighted portion of a document. The highlighting is done either by underlining or by using bold or by using a different cooler. Each Hyper Text contains links to documents on websites.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) relates a highlighted text to a document address. It facilitates the generation of a call to the website containing the HyperText linked document by using the HyperText Transport Protocol.

What is Internet? A Description of the Internet.


There are several ways to describe the Internet :

·       From a social point of view. The is millions of people communicating, sharing ideas and information. They communicating electronically on a one-to-one basis or in groups.

·       From a practical, recreational, or commercial point of view. The Internet is a vast collection of information that can be searched and retrieved electronically. This collection includes advice on all sorts of topics, data, electronic texts, government information, images, museum exhibits, scholarly papers, software, and access to commercial activities. Tapping into these resources requires knowing which tools and service to use.

·       From a technical point of view. The Internet is a network of tens of thousands of computer networks. Together, the network making up the Internet consist of over a million computer systems. These computers and networks communicate by exchanging data according to the same rules, even though the network and computer systems individually use different technologies.

People communicate on the Internet in a variety of ways:

·       Electronic mail (e-mail).  This is a basic service that allows individuals to communicate. It’s the basis for how discussion or internet groups operate, and it can be used for access to other Internet services.

·       Discussions in a group setting using e-mail. Some names for these groups are interest groups, Lister, and mailing lists. Internet users join, contribute to, and read messages to the entire group through e-mail. Several thousand different groups exist; they’re used to share opinions and experiences, ask and answer questions, or post information.

·       Group discussion, asking questions and sharing information through Usenet (also known as Internet News).

The messages are articles and are grouped into categories called newsgroups. Individuals can read articles, reply to articles, and post articles to specific groups.

The reply is either posted to the newsgroups or sent only to the original author. The communication here is from one computer system to another; it’s available to individuals but isn’t carried through their e-mail.


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