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What is Instagram App?

So, What is Instagram App? Instagram is a free, online photo-sharing application and casual association stage that was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Instagram permits clients to alter and transfer photographs and short recordings through a versatile application.  Clients additionally have the alternative of creating their profile private with the goal that solitary their adherents can see their posts.

What Is Instagram App.

A Tour of The Instagram App.

Before we hop into shooting and posting photographs and doing others’ posts, we should take a snappy visit through the Instagram interface.

We’ve really seen a lot of it already, but I wanted to quickly go over the important areas here in this one lesson.

1 home screen.

What is Instagram App?

So, starting here on the home screen.

2 home screen 2

Which again is brought up by the first button herein the bottom left of the screen, and this is again where you can see the feed of the content being posted by the people you’re following.

Simply look down to see all the photographs and recordings from the latest and back.

Next, we saw the Explore tab.

3 magify

also, once more, this is the place where you can look for photographs and clients, or simply peruse what individuals have been posting on Instagram.

The center button.

5 adding your own photograph

here is for adding your own photographs and recordings to your Instagram stream.

6 gallery

Presently, we’ll talk about this in the following section, so I’ll leave this until further notice by tapping Cancel.

 Next, we have the Activity screen.

7 activity

This is where you can stay up to date on the activities of the people you’re following and on your own photos. Under You at the top here is where you’ll see a feed of your likes and comments.

Anytime someone taps on the Like buttoner comments on one of your photos, you’ll be able to see that activity here.

You’ll also see it on the photo itself, but this is where you can come to monitor all the activity instead of browsing through your feed photo by photo.

Now because I just created this account, I don’t see any activity on my photos because, first of all, I haven’t posted any. So what we’re seeing here is just suggestions for other people I can follow.

But once you start adding photos and people start interacting with those photos, you’ll see that activity listed here.

Here you can also see who has followed you. the following sections where you’ll see the activity of the people you’re following. You’ll be able to see what photos they’ve liked, what comments they’ve made, and who they’ve started following.

Seeing who other people are following can be a good way for you to find other people to follow as well, since you probably share similar tastes with the people you’re already following.

This last button here on the right is your profile, and here, you can see your own profile, which is the same as what other people see when they view your profile. Again.

8 profile

You can see  posted photos.

But here on your profile pages also where you can get to Settings by tapping this button in the upper right-hand corner.

9 3 lines

I’ll just tap outside of that to go back. So that’s really the gist of the Instagram interface. It’s pretty simple.

There is no Instagram app for computers.

However, you can view your feed and do other things on Instagram on a computer browser.

 Just you go to and log in.

10 pc options

This allows you to view your feed just like if you were viewing the Home screen in the app.

You can also use the search field up hereto search for users, hashtags, places, and so on.

11 pc options 2

 And you can also follow and unfollow users from here.

12 follow or unfollow users

You can even edit your own profile page.

13 edit instagrm profile

Now the one thing that you can’t do from here is post content.

There’s no way to upload a photo or video through Instagram on your computer browser.

That can only be done through the mobile app.

But otherwise, if you’re in front of your computer and you want to check out your feeder browse trending hashtags and so on, you can leave your phone in your pocket and do all of that from your web browser.

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