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What is Google Search Console?

In this lesson, we will learn what is Google Search Console? The google search console is the most important tools, you can have in the arsenal I talk about Google search console formally google webmaster tool.

what is Google Search Console

It is honestly worth the few minutes to take the setup, regardless of your site, this is a fantastic service that helps to review, how the site is doing within google search results.

It gives you to the insights that how Google sees your website bot the good and the bad so, you can make the improvements, the search console tools, allow to see the crawlers.

Remove the content that you do not want to see in search results, and to identify any spam or malware issues, you site having you can also take a look how your site is doing in search and what’s sites are linking to you.

Armed with this data, you have the ability to prove the experience for both users and work to improve your SEO, it is pretty to setup and you can start by here you click on blue sign in search console button. If you not already logged in your google account,

So, enter your username and password.

Choose sign in.

1 Google Search Console

You will end up this screen.

Since the first time using the tool we need to enter our URL that you want to track using the search console, I go ahead and enter in here center of the screen I am going to add  https//

2 Google Search Console

Now you notice that added HTTP:// before enter the www and this particularly important if your sites use the https: protocol you need to add that in here and google simply add the HTTP protocol which means it will not or will track properly if  you are using both you need to add them to independent property and we talk more about that later, in this case, I am simply going to add in as I did here, and then choose.

Then choose the add property button,  a site, next we need to verify that we own the website, and you can do this one of several ways.

Frist is the google recommended method which is to download the HTML file and you simply select the blue HTML verification file link to download.

3 Google Search Console

That file and you need to upload that on your server in the root domain and you visit the URL that you make sure you can see text and you can click on the verify at the bottom at left-hand side corner.  and now some the other ways you can do it and you select the alternative method tab here, at the top of the screen to these different options. Google is going to offer you these suggestions options you can select the radio button next to each one to see the instructions on how to set that up so, we can add the HTML tag.

4 alternate method

We can sign in domain name providers such as go, daddy or blue host,, we can use also google analytics account or even the tag manager select the option that most sense for you follow the instructions and choose the verify in the next several movies, I will be showing to you interface using the count that will be pulling data for a few months.

What is Google Search Console?

Configuring Google Search Console.

Before we dive deeper into what Google search console can do. let’s review some important settings together, I am here in search console dashboard and I am going to select the gear icon at the upper right-hand corner and from the drop-down select site settings.

5 Google Search Console

Now Google is going to give us Two options the:

  1. First is to set your preferred domain.
  2. second is to set your crawl rate.

6 Google Search Console

Now your preferred domain is what you want to displayed and used when Google has indexed the site of your pages. Exactly talking this is identified as your canonical domain actually what is happening is that your website occurs both as or just now you may have configured site you redirect or or maybe vice versa.

7 Google Search Console

Google just wants to know how would you like to display your site in search result it does not matter if you use www or none- www and it will not impact one way to the other the important thing is just to choose the version you want to use to your site in search result this really helps to prevent to google for indexing them differently and potentially confusing your users.

You select the option that makes the most sense to you and chooses the save when you click on the save you might notice that after clicking on save google gave me alert and it says the part of the process setting a preferred domain is to verify you also own the other domain that you did not select.

So, you need then select verify the domain and you do that by going back to home search console and adding the new property this time without www or with it, you follow the same steps to verify we saw in the first lesson.

Once you have done this the next time google crawl your site and refresh the index it will format all the links the preference you set.

Noted: if you do not specify preferred domain than the google may treat the www and non- www version of the domain is the separate reference to the separate pages.

It is also good to know that Google will treat your site differently if you use HTTPS as you post HTTP you might be intercepting your traffic to over the HTTPS if you use SSL certificate or if you have e-commerce platforms. In that case, you want to set up another site with HTTPS especially if your site switch between two.

Next, we have the option to choose to change the google crawl rate, now there are very few reasons,    you would ever change this, Google has very some algorithms that figure out how much crawl your site they try to be sensitive make sure that the crawl without overwhelming server bandwidth but the under the rare chance your determine the google is crawling for too often and causing to your site slow down you can customize crawl rate.

8 Google Search Console

The crawl rate is the total time google bot and the name of Google crawler will spend on your site, you select the radio toggle for limit google crawl rate and you can change it by moving slider left to right at the bottom of the screen.

You notice that request for second and the time between requests will change based on where you position the slider changing the crawl rate, can cause the problem,

So, do that lets you curtain google is causing the issue I simply choose the cancel and leave these recommended settings.

Next, take a look at country targeting.

9 Google Search Console

In left-hand menu select search traffic and choose international targeting

10 Google Search Console

From the drop-down, from here I am going to select the country and now we have the options to target users when users enter the query google after a google is going to return the most relevant and useful links this means that user from Canada might be the different result the user in Germany or the United States, is if your site is generic domain such as .com, .net or ., org google needs help to understand where you want your result to appear so, you simply select in target user dropdown, the country is more relevant to you, now rest of sure that will not impact your appearance in your search result. Unless the user limits the scope of the search in certain countries if your site has country-code top-level domain such as .ie or .de it is already going to be associated with geographic region in this example: Ireland or Germany, therefore, you can not actually change your country target it is going to go ahead default that because your domain extension now if your site operates multiple languages, there are many ways to handle this.

The most common using href languages tags if I select language section here you can click on link learn more to get more information.

11 Google Search Console

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