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What is Google Analytics?

Welcome to Google Analytics Essential training, in this course, we will walk through ins and out, of using Google Analytics, that measure the performance of your website.

Firstly, We will learn What is Google Analytics is used to analyze your website and understand your customer. Whether you start your own home-based business or work for large cooperation.

What is Google Analytics?

We will cover the most, essentials out the box functionality, from account creation, through report fundamentals, and also how to gain inside from fast array data available.

Along the way, show you how to understand, each analytic report, touch on the foundation, goal tracking, and carefully.

Use the dimensions, segments to go deeper, in your reporting.

Whether you start your own home-based business or work for large cooperation, you find the skills you need, analyze your website and understand your customers.

As a business holder or marketer, you know the position of having information that allows you make informed the results, how to raise to your business whether you run small boteek in town or working on the large brand.

The observe are that your business has a presence on the web.

What is Google Analytics?

More Information about Google Analytics.

You might be selling the product online or running a blog or just your site used to provide the information about your services but the no matter the purposes of your website.

Google Analytics business marketer

 Google Analytics learn more

You are going to fully understand the customer journey as they interact with your contents and Google Analytics just that.

It is free service with some premium options, that helps your analysis visitors or traffic and get information that and provides a complete picture who your audience is, and what their needs are.

 traffic view

It is a platform that connects every page of your website and through various dashboard and reports, you will have the opportunity to unlock tremendous data.

site view

Google can provide you that route of the people that they reach your site the content.

They viewed and even the devices used to get there the software can also measure sales.

The goal conversion getting someone signup for the newsletter and with the advanced tools.

Such as funnels attributions. You can see the exact create all the pages on your site are working with or against you.

sale funnel

As its core, Google Analytics helps understand what is working and what is not?

It gives you the inside you need to make changes you can meet with your performance the goals.

You will be able to uncover the why behind the data if you see strong up and tick traffic.

You might uncover the resource like a blog You have heard of.

If you are seeing the strong the client you might identify problems with your site or competitors that poaching traffic with better SEO or paid ads.

blog post

Let’s think about google analytics together with your business aims in the online world look like limitless concepts.

I think but we can boil online objectives in five common categories.

  1. E-commerce.
  2. Lead generations.
  3. Content publishing.
  4. Online information.
  5. Actions.


For E-commerce your objectives.

  • Sell products: sell products or services.
  • Increase sales: You use google analytics to find ways to increase those sales and track your performance over.

lead generations

For Lead Generations.

  • Collect user info: You aim to collect user information.
  • Test, test, test: Test strategy and landing pages, to find the working combinations.

 content Publishers

For Content Publishers.

  • Encourage repeat visits: the goal is inspiring reiteration visits and engagements so, you will be tracking keeps people clicking and relating with a site, for online information.
  • It is important that users find the looking for when they need it.
  • So, you will be interesting what content they are finding or not finding.


For Branding.

  • Drive awareness: the key object is awareness and royalty and your site is being shared.
  • Review engagement: engage with the greater web it is just more looking at how many people visiting your site, that information is just fraction of what is your need to make confirmed decisions.


For Actions.

So, Finally in What is Google Analytics lesson, Every site has actions and Google Analytics tracks all of those actions and bullets down.

Easy to understand reports this equips with right data understand what’s your need to do and improve the outcome of your site.

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