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What is Google AdWords?

An Overview of Google AdWords.

What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising platform and it is built to put you in front of a potential customer at the right time, with the right message, when they are in the right mindset.

What is Google AdWords

Billions of time per day people turn to Google, looked up and answer to question discover new places to visit.

Finds a solution to their problems and look for products to buy.

You will be creating ads for business. Choosing when you want them to appear in Google or next to the relevant search results.

The concept is fairly simple. You identify the words. The relevant product or services.

AdWords shows your ads on Google. When someone searches for these or related words.

Let’s walk through the scenarios together.


  • Visit
  • Type any word.

Google brings millions of pages who shows your result regarding the searching query.

Google finds most relevant search.

 organic and paid results

Two types of results you see.

1st:  organic is a natural result. which is not with ads words. (see in the above image)

2nd:  Some results come with ads which are PPC (AdWords) which is Google (they are paid) (see in the above image)

(for more information you can visit (Online Ads Types )

Here I have to put two images one show organic and second show ad

These are all paid placements.

When you think that many results, you come to relation tiny fractions for search query word are going to be the among, top few pages of results, and that the AdWords comes in.

AdWords gives your business, visibility if your website is not in top results, AdWords can get help in your business, to appear on google.

What is Google AdWords?

Learn In more Detail.

Understanding Ads in Google AdWords.

As an AdWords adviser, you probably want to know exactly where your advertisement going to show up to understand where your ads end up and how they get there.

Let’s start with the top.

When you use AdWords, you are gaining access the what is the call Google network this network is comprised of latterly thousand searches and display network websites as well as Google Search engine itself.

The Google Network currently reaches more than 80% of all users worldwide and more than 30 languages and 100 countries.

The Google Network is divided into two big areas.

  • The Google Search network.
  • The Google Display network.

The Google Search network.

where ad appear

The Search network includes the familiar text ads and search results we looked at that type of advertisement in the last movie.

But these text ads and also display on google maps, Google Shopping, and website that search partners. Search partners include hundreds of non-Google websites.

To expand further advertisement is the part of the search network we link with our keyword words or phrases.

Someone has used in the search it is easy to set up and you can relatively ensure the consumers have searched or expressed interest and intend thinks back to my example: eyeglass or search and work in the search bar. I had intended my frame repaired.

So, the search network is a very valuable place to advertise on.

 search network

The Google Display network.

 display network

The Display Network is typically used in conjunction with the intention of grabbing visuals. Although you can still up to run a text-based advertisement.

Display ads are typically banner ads. You are likely to encounter these. All over the web.

Display ads. Work differently in the set of targeted ads is a keyword supply.

Google instead matches your ads website the content relating your targeting.

So, if you are selling your kitchen gadget you might display your ads on a website that has kitchen product views or websites with recipes.

A user has not signals their expressed interest but they might become interested where product based on your display by default new campaign target both networks give you ads better visibility but you can use one the other.

But Quickly Summarize.

Search Network.

Key feature: behind search and display

  • The search uses text ads and helps the need for key areas.
  • Gaining the advantage over organic listings.
  • Reaching customers actively searing for your specific product.

Display network.

Key Features.

  • Success an inclusive variety of clients with wide interest.
  • Building brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Increasing engagement with customers
  • Specific placement targeting.

Benefits of Using AdWords

There are other search advertising solutions on the web today. But the benefit to using Google AdWords to manage your advertising or events.

AdWords offers the best reach. Precise targeting and almost limit lit major ability Google also have tools to help you improve and let’s face it. It is just people go to find with looking for online. Now AdWords has many benefits but I want to focus on key points.

The first ability to target your ads.

  • Specific Interests: Targeting let’s show you ads to the people with specific interests. AdWords offers different ways of targeting. Here we look at the choices you have with online ads, they can make your marketing campaigns even more targeted.
  1. Keyword: These are words or phrases relevant to product and service and used to show your ads when customers search for those terms or visit relevant websites.
  2. Locations: Next you have your ad locations. This allows to you show your ads on search engines commercial sites or even personal sites.
  3. Demographics: From there you have demographics Like age, location, and language. You can also set the day, time and frequency meaning you can show ads certain hours in the day or certain days of the week.
  4. Devices: You have also a great opportunity to target the devices. This means you can decide your ads to show on mobile devices, desktop, or both.

The Next Ability to Control Your Budget for Google AdWords:

No Minimum Advertising spend:

There is no minimum to get started with the AdWords, you can choose how much spend per month, per day and even per ad, and the great thing is the most part you only the pay when someone clicks your ads.

Pay-Per-Click Model.

AdWords is a pay per click model and that has tremendous advantages, you can read bad advertisements best on facts that simply not getting clicked paying the discover and find out your ads on interesting. Now if your landing destination is terrible.

But You have great ads more than your different problems will discuss in the coming lessons.

If you devil the SEO your aware takes a lot of resources to start ranking your keyword and literally thousands of keywords that you might want to show up for. Well, gear of the work a lot of money accomplish organically.

With AdWords, you can jump to the top on the cheap and that budget that makes sense your goals.

The third key feature is the ability to Measure Your Success.

Track Every Action.

  • With AdWords when someone clicks on your ads you know. If they clicked on your ads and something valuable for your business. “say Purchase your product”. You can “Download Your Apps”, or demand on the phone, for tracking too.

Identity Cost Per Click.

  • By seeing which ads get clicks and which ads do not get clicks you also quickly see, where to invest in your campaign. That turn can boost return on your investment.

Identity Cost Per Action.

  • You can get other valuable data, including how much cost on average for advertising leads your customer’s online purchases.

What is Google AdWords?

Understand Behaviors with Analytical Tools.

  • You can also use google analytics tools to learn about your customer’s shopping habits. how long for instances. They have a habit of researching your product before they purchase it.

Finally, it is easy to Manage Your Campaigns.

Tools and Resources Available.

  • AdWords also offers a lot of tools and resources to easily manage and monitor accounts. You can also manage your AdWords offline with the AdWords editors. A free downloadable application that allows to you quickly and constantly changes your account.

Conduct Keyword Research.

  • AdWords also allows to you run keyword research.

Model Your CPA Performance.

  • CPA analysis.

Compare Attribution Models.

  • You can even compare attribution models to understand the value of the customer path. All in all AdWords is a great platform.

That defiantly go to choose to beginners and professional like. If you waving your options I recommended you to pursue the AdWords, especially this is your first entry pay per click advertising.

What is Google AdWords?

AdWords Structure.

Before you begin creating your campaign, it is important to learn how AdWords is structured.

A well-organized account is essential in creating effective campaigns, that target the right audience and ultimately help you reach more advertising goals.

AdWords is organized in several tiers.

  • Account.
  • Campaigns.
  • Ad groups.
  • Keywords.
  • Advertisements themselves.

AdWords Structure

At the very top, you have your account and this is the information you establish when you sign up.

Your email address, your password and billing information.

There is not much do with account level and let’s move managing AdWords for other clients that we will be covering in this course.

Account has to have one campaign and one ads group but a well-structured account has multiple campaigns in ads groups.

So, let’s talk about those. After your account you have campaigns, think about campaigns as your broad objectives. a campaign will have its own budget and settings that determine when your ads will appear.    Bit picture choices happen at the campaign level. When you just starting out, its easiest to think of campaigns much like the structure of your website.

If you have an E-Commerce store, for example, you might create a campaign for each product type you carry. A campaign for jackets, one for shoes, one for cap and so on.

Campaign setup this way gives you flexibility. The campaign for the jacket in you are going into winter months you might increase overall budget and bid prices to show more ads and drives more traffic.

Within your campaign has ads groups and ad groups can contain a set of similar ads and keywords triggers and select advertisements.

Ads groups work best when focusing on particular themes.    So, if your campaign for jackets your ads group might be the brand of jackets. Say Patagonia or Northway maybe its jacket colours, jacket styles and so on.

You could be broader if necessary, say about the campaign of shoes, might start with ads group for man shoes and one for woman shoes, ads groups are used to points for specific ads.

They contain keywords, that indicate when any actual advertisement displays. You may be testing a variety of advertisements that relate to the ads group.

 AdWords Structure 2

If you are using the search network these ads will have headlines and two lines of descriptions and URL that the user is being directed to and we will talk about these ads later.

As we get closer building our first advertisement

I want to leave you the best practices before you get started.

Best Practices.

  • You should Organize your campaigns and ad groups from the start.
  • Start with specific ads and targeting
  • Create several and groups within a campaign
  • Have 10-30 keywords per ad group
  • Have 2-3 ads per ad group.

If you still stretching your head just familiar with yourself higher key of the AdWords structure  We will be going through each element to get through here in a later movie. So do not worry.

What is Google AdWords?

Understanding Quality Score Google AdWords.

Google is popular because the good and getting the right when you search something on Google, you typically find what you looking for right away, google a sub-set of making sure everything displays relevant let’s state beyond organic result to pay listing is well.

Fortunately, this makes for the great opportunity, users want relevant information and advertiser wants to show relevant to those listings get listings.

If Google shows the best ads, users come to the Google, and Google profits, for Google, the batter ads they show more money make.

So, before we go too much further back up and share the context talking about here in the google search page, going to run the query

I screen repair.

Now this query important for me well, we can see that some ads at the top and some ads on hand side, scroll down. But how does Google decide the order these ads appear in.


 QualityScore 2

Fundamentally, Google AdWords is an occasion-based platform and now by that logic, a person with the high bid will appear at the top of the page or we call position number one.

So you see there is an ad label with a link to the website.

The position number one I move to right-hand side screen you can see additional ads with label ad.

Now position two and three.

Now you can have the second position at the top of the screen.

It really depends on your search query and where you are located.

So, let’s see a little bit close and deeper.

In typical action, if four people are bidding and the bid is five dollars, four dollars, three dollars, and two dollars respectively.

You would expect bidder No.1 at 5 dollars to get the best positions.

 AdWords action

But that does not case google Factors in a lot of others signals, to determine which ads are most useful, and the most useful ads going to hire position at this point you are likely thinking what those other factors.

 other bid factors

  • First your expected click-through rate. Google is going to educate that how often people are going to click on this advertisement.
  • You have a landing page experience. Your advertisements only useful if your visitor can find with the expect once they click on to your site. We talk about the importance of a high-quality landing page later. But if you in passion the key factors are relevancy easy to navigate, transparent the nature of business and transparent how you collect and use customer data. Now you would the policy in terms and conditions.
  • They determine the relevancy of your ads and analyzing language in your ads to relate to the query. This prevents people from simply buying your way into the unrelated keyword. So, the ad is about iPhones and query or keyword research including iPhones, Google is going to go great, that is relevant.
  • Google also has an extension that you can add in your ads unit. For example, you might add a phone number, your domain headline, or includes recent reviews from customers. I will talk later. But the ability the leverage the extensions may increase your quality.

So, Google takes all of these factors along with your bid and turns into your ads direct to help this more parent.

Let’s go our first example:

We have four ads with bid 5$, 4$, 3$, and 2$. Let’s assign some quality scores to these advertisers.

 AdWords action

This is there over quality scores. I am putting here low, low, and high and high and medium. Then also have different formats with very impacts.

 AdWords sample 2

  • So, the first ad has not any format so, there is no impact.
  • The second ad has access to one format so there is low impact.
  • The third ad is using some formats well and the last score is medium.

 AdWords sample 2

Now Google is going to spilt out scores.

So, let’s say look something like this first advertiser get rank of 8 next 18 than 25 and 20. Now if your rank is too low you would not appear at all. So in our example: even high bid is 5$ and rank is 8 probably too low to even have advertiser display.

Now I am re-ordering which you can see the too low bid is 3$ and 2$

AdWords sample 3

Now I am going to take the highest positions with the higher bid actually show up on the page.

A higher bid actually shows up the higher bid.  Lower on the page. Because the overall score achieved. Now should point out these scores are completely obituary numbers I am using only in the example.

There is no actually to identify the true mathematical formula that is being used but it get you familiar that why your bids your placements are going to show it differently.

Now with the said, it is still more complicated.

Google uses variations what’s called second-price auctions, so only you have to pay the minimum amount to beat your customer and maintain your position. This means the advertising bid will be automatically adjusted for you.

Google does encourage you to bid the true highest amount. Knowing the always the correct will be in your favor. So, in this case, the top bid of 3$ might be adjusted to 2$ and fifteen cents to simply beat the bidder just below them and how to google manages that auctions.

Now as we go through this course.  I will be discussing how to achieve high-quality scores.

Essential it boils down the improving your ad quality to the right keyword and the copy finding your landing page experience and leveraging all the experience available at formats.

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