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What is CMS?

What is CMS?

So, what is  CMS, CMS means Content Management System? In terms of web-based content management is usually defined as “Server-side software that is designed to simplify that the creations and maintenance of the site.

These systems manage online content, generate web pages, and allow users to upload and change content without requiring technical expertise”.

What is CMS

Let’s illustrates the example of the basic functionality of the most CMSs.

What is CMS?

We start with the content itself.

Content is typically stored in some type of database. This allows being reused, repurposed and published where we need it.

The CMS typically has administration areas that allow you input, upload or edit your contents needed.

Most Content Management System that admin area accessible through any browser.

Meaning they instead of having installed client software. you can work on your site anywhere you have the connection.

Now if all of the CMSs did that to clear contents stored in the database.

So, what’s CMS can do with their contents? That’s is really valuable.

The CMS uses the internal framework to build the site rounding your contents. This is typically done by creating pages by adding contents to a series of templates based on site-specific needs.

WordPress is Example of CMS.

How different CMSs handle the step many of them have pre-build templates that you can use. Whereas others have required design much that all page structure yourself.

Most offer varying degrees controls allowing you to pre-build template theme if you like or allowing you to create your own if you so desire.

The CMS also handle site navigation and may even capable automatic process building the complex internal application by blogs message boards.

You can imagine there is a lot of gains to approach, organizing contents, building the database and managing contents automatically.

CMS Advantages.

  • A CMS can drastically speed up site development.
  • Most systems allow you to easily add advanced site functionality.
  • Gives non-technical people the ability to create or update content.

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