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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Here in this post, we will know What is Affiliate Marketing Simply affiliate marketing is a selling someone else product or services and return you save the commission for doing so.

What is Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

  • Performance-based marketing in which you bring customers of clients toward products or services of any company by your own marketing efforts for a share in profit.
  • Where the company is not responsible for your operating costs incurred during marketing campaigns.
  • You send a prospect to the company’s sales process via your affiliate code, the company converts that prospect in the customer and makes a sale. You get your percentage of pre-defined profit.
  • If the company fails to convert, you don’t get paid.

The Best definition What is Affiliate Marketing.

It performance-based marketing. Promote product or service and get the benefit of it.

In simple terms, what is affiliate marketing is? the affiliate marketing is where you refer visitors from your website to a merchant’s website. A merchant is any individual or company that sells products or services online.

Wal-Mart, Home Depot, eBay, and Yahoo are all examples of merchants with affiliate programs. You get commissions when the visitors you refer finishes some kind of action on a merchant’s website. For example, you may earn a commission if the visitor you refer makes a purchase, completes a lead form, or downloads some software.

Affiliate marketing: “the art of doing a merchant’s marketing better than they can, and profiting from it” By Chris Sanderson.

Some online marketers find success in leveraging affiliate to sell their product for the commission. Affiliate marketing is a lot of work and a lot of competition in the marketplace.

But the easiest way to get started to sign up for the preexisting network which handles tracking sell and paying to the affiliates to get the most affiliate marketing you need to bring to the people into your program and work with others.

Affiliate marketing is not a scam but it is the genuine widely used way where you can make money online.

Actually, there are three parties are involved in affiliate marketing.



You want to make money online selling people product.

The merchant.

The merchant

You want other people to promote and sell the product to reach more customers and make more sells.

finally Affiliate Network.

affiliate network

Which joins the affiliate and merchant together and provides the technology to track the sell so merchant knows what exactly affiliates to pay when he made the sale.

Further explanation What is Affiliate Marketing.


Meet Tim.

Tim is an expert in sports and he shares his knowledge through a blog.

 blog image

When he writes about sports nutrition, product reviews, Tim gets a lot of visitors on his blog.

His passion is sport and fashion.

. blog image 2

Because of this Tim wants to know to monetize this blog by adding banners ads to his website and promoting products on behalf of others making him affiliates.


He sees great potential to make more cash and traffic he is generating from his article and product reviews.

blog amount

Now meet with the Bill. Bill runs the company for sports equipment online.


At his website.

Bill wants to other people promote his product online. Important to increase sales.  So for the joins the affiliate network to find the relevant people promote his product. Making Bill merchant.

Tim also joins the affiliate network to find relevant products. Promote his blog.

The affiliate network is the middle man who connects the affiliate and merchant anyone who sells anything online can join the affiliate network.

affiliate product info

There are many different programs in many different niches.

Tim searches sports category.

Tim searches sports category finds bills sports equipment programs.

bills sports equipment programs.

Bill pays 25% to any affiliate who generates sell from his product range.

Tim can access special link know as a tracking link and he can use this along with eye capturing and to promote bills sports equipment on his blog.

12 bills sports equipment programs.

This means when someone visits his website and click on of the buttons or links it will take him to bill’s sports equipment sports.

If a visitor goes and purchases the item than Tim will earn 25% of the sell value.

Blog site

Tim can log in to his account on the affiliate network to watch how much money making an affiliate network does all of the trackings for him.

So, now you can see Tim is getting the benefit. Making some extra cash from his blog.

Bill is making extra sells.

 affiliate account

So, what is an affiliate network?

The middle man.

The affiliate network also takes the small commission from each transaction which is agreed on time of registration.

For example:

If Tim makes 100 pounds sells for the bill. Than Tim earns 25% .which is 25 pound.

The affiliate network might take 2.5 per cent of each transaction. That means that would earn 2.50 pound.

I hope that this expansion will help you to understand very basic of affiliate marketing. How this model works and benefits all three parties.

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