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Learning Website Planning from Start to End.

Learning Website Planning from Start to End.

Website Planning sometimes is also called Workflow of web design. Learning Website Planning guides you through the entire process of designing a website from start to finish.

It is the first requirement for every web designer. Having followed below steps a Good and attractive website can be created.


There are a lot of people in website world who have websites, but some of them do not know about website planning and also they do not make any Website planning before creating a website and their first step is often to copy other sites.

So, before sketching website planning your first ideas of how the site might look, I am going to guide you through a process I use whenever I create a new website.

It assistance the site owner to understand what information should appear on the site.

Before web site planning, we must understand the aims of the site correctly, and we should get the information to complete these aims. Also, we must understand what contents/information should be displayed on the site.

think about site

After knowing/understand what information/contents will be displayed on your website.

Then you should group your contents/information into related chunks and also group the information into “elements” (such as logos, navigation, product information, contact information, and so on).

Then create the sitemap. Because Sitemap shows each of the pages of your website, how they relate to each other, and what needs to appear on them, and also shows how many pages you need and how they relate.


Once you identify what requirements to appear on each page, then you can start to look at Page layout, which contains the preparation of the information on your pages.


In the case of Blogger or WordPress or any other Content Management System, you should consider about themes which are mostly is called also template.

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