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Why Web Standards Matter.

Why Web Standards Matter.

Occasionally you might have heard of someone site being code to code web standards compliance or written article. It may really do not know to someone that what is web standards.

Often web browsers manufacturer would come out to own proprietary features and do not support features which are found in other browsers then make to site in all browsers.

Web standards let us write to a specific standard, secure in the knowledge that standards-supporting devices will properly read and render our code.

Web Standards

Web Standard Project.

Efforts started by designers, developers, and interested companies to promote it.

These efforts convinced browsers manufacturers to support these standards and led to the rise of the modern browser.

To check out what those standards are.

To check out what that standards are

To check out what that standards are

What actually benefit you get from learning and using web standards. Well, first as I mentioned before keeping you have multiple versions sites write once, read and render everywhere.

There still rendering between browsers and devices but if you write with these standards we have for your issues to deal with.

IT Lets You Time Travel.

Okay, it does not let you time travel. But it does make your content more backwards compatible with older devices, and ensure that future devices will be able to render them as well.


Search engines will be able to index and display search results more accurately. Properly structured semantic code it easier to repurpose in other sites or applications.

Assistive technologies understand content structured with these standards, and will automatically have an easier time accessing the content.


By focusing on web standards, you have a roadmap of how to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript correctly learning how to write standards-compliant code will ensure that your pages are structured correctly and semantically.

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