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Web Server Basics.

Web Server Basics.

In this article, we will learn about Web server. Web sites are hosted on web servers and most designers know this.

So, they do not spend much time to learn ins and out how they work.

But there are some Web servers basics and concepts you need to understand in order to serve your pages correctly.

Web server basics

A web server is nothing more than a computer with specialized sets of software and components.

All web-servers are assigned an IP Address and the site they host registered through the domain name server so they request for its pages can be found.

Many web-servers use virtual hosting. Which allows to your multiple websites is under the single an IP address, when you sign up for hosting service many advertiser plans. They give you options for shared hosting versus dedicated hosting.

Different between Shared hosting and Dedicated hosting.

  • In the shared hosting environment, your sites are hosted on the server with multiple sites.
  • In the dedicated hosting environment, your site has its own server, dedicated plans usually cost little more.

Sites are stored in web-servers as the series of the files and folders, which then retrieve based on HTTP or https request they receive.

Off course it getting a little bit more complicated for dynamic sites web servers has process data from databases and executes scripts contains on the sites.

Because of this also important to understand the web stacks that your server might contain.

 Virtual web server.

A Web Stacks is just that stacks of software they all work together to serve and process web pages.

Each server has its own distinct stacks and it is important to hosting companies the uses of stacks you need.

A common web Stacks Usually consist of:

The Popular LAMP Stacks.


Other Common Stacks.

  • WAMP: Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP.
  • WISA:    Windows, IIS, MS-SQL, .NET.
  • MARS:  MySQL, Apache, Ruby, Solaris.
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