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The Basics of Web Designing.

The Basics of Web Designing.

Web Designing is a huge field with multiple areas of specializations. In fact, the term to use describe everything from the visual design of the website. All the way of development sophisticated web applications, because of this it is really difficult to tell you exactly, that which set of skills are needed to become the master of web designing.


A lot of that it depends user that which area of web-design they want to get specialize in.

However, there are some basics skills every web designer must have, regardless which area you decide to specialize in, for example, you are going to need to have the working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Although there are some tools out there that they make the process of authoring contents easier.

If you are serious become a web-designer.

You need to embrace the prospect of a writing and authoring code. I know there are a lot of people out there they tend to be anxious about learning the code.

I assure you learning the code is actually a lot easier than you might think and the basic coding extremely easy to pick up.  Therefore, at beginning of Web design fundamentals article, I want to give you the example of three languages.

  1. HTML.
  2. CSS.
  3. JavaScript.

Core Web Design Skills.

  • HTML:  Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets.
  • JavaScript.

Exploring HTML.

Brackets, Text edit are also editors.



<title>Exploring HTML</title>



<h1> My First Web Page </h1>




Exploring CSS.



<title> Exploring HTML</title>





<h1>My First Web Page</h1>

<p> This is my first web page, it’s a little basic, but it’s helping me understand how HTML works and how to markup my contents. </p>



Exploring JavaScript.








Return currentcolor;




As soon as going to finish this course. Go and find your favorite code editor and begin to create your own content.



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